To change or not? The dilemna that is the 2011 Miami Dolphins

Us FinFans find ourselves in an interesting position these days.  With so many of us fans here being torn between rooting for wins and rooting for change, where do we go from here?  We have in front of us the very real possibility of a late season surge and a potential changing of the guard at the QB position. 

Before the season began many of us wanted a change at Head Coach, General Manager, and at QB.  I also believe that many FinFans were secretely hoping for outright failure so that the changes can be made justifiably.  Well many FinFans got what they were hoping for in the beginning while starting 0-7, but now a two game winning streak has revived a melencholy fan base. 

So Chad Henne went down and many of us got what we were hoping for, a change at QB in the name of Matt Moore.  Matt Moore is just some dude who won more starts than he lost throughout a forgettable career thus far.  Is he the answer at QB for this team now that he has put together a few solid starts?  Personally i think that Henne is far superior at QB, but the Brandon Marshall seems to avoid more drops with Moore.  While Brandon has figured out a way to catch the ball again, other receivers have regressed with Moore.  Bess and Hartline have seemed be dropping more balls than they catch lately.  So if the Dolphins finish out strong and make a push for the playoffs (whether they fall short or not) winning 7/7 or 6/7, does Moore give this organization another reason to avoid drafting a QB in the first round? 

Now on to the coaching staff.  It is undeniable that this teams LOVES the coaching staff.  These players claim to play there asses off for Sparano.  It is also undeniable that this team laid an egg late in the games over the first 7 weeks.  That failure to complete games can be explained by a number of possibilities: 1) poor conditioning due to the lockout. 2) Poor game plans by the offensive and defensive coordinators. 3) Poor execution by the players (primarily the defense) late in games. 4) Poor inspiration / motivation by Sparano. 5) Overall bad game plan and a refusal to use our players to their abilities by the coaching staff.  These are just some of the ideas that popped into my head throughout the first seven weeks.  So if this team has turned the page and put themselves in the position to win some games, do we retain the coaching staff?  I mean, how do you fire a coach that leads your team to win 9/9 or 8/9 or 7/9 over the last 9 weeks of the season? 

So some of us find ourselves in a horrifying position of desiring change but fearing change at the same time.  Do we as fans forget about a late season surge from the coaching staff and a perrenial back up QB and stick to the same plan we had when we were 0-7.  Do we ignore the second half of the season move forward as if we finished 0-16?  Do we sell out our entire draft for a prospect that hasn't been so revered since John it took me 20 years to win a superbowl Elway?  Do we use our first pick on a QB and hope that he brings this franchise the type of dignity and respect we had during the almighty Marino years (although superbowl win free years but glorious none the less).  Do we continue to build an offensive line that will make any QB pro bowl caliber by drafting the best OLine man in the draft?  Do we fire the whole coaching staff and start fresh hoping for a new atmosphere of winning?  

I dont have the answers and I am sure that clarity will come over the next 7 weeks.  I mean, if we finish 3/7, its a moot point right?  What i do know is that I have felt on top of the world with these last two wins and I am channeling all of my positive energy into 7 more wins.  I have noticed that many of the S4Lers have been more quiet lately and the fans rooting for wins have been louder for the first time since week 3.  I am not attempting to stir anything up here, but i am curious as to where everyone stands on the coaching staff and QB situation. 

Go Dolphins and beat those Bills!    Thumbnail_aspx_medium


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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