How to build a winning machine

Are a lot of talk of what’s need to build a winning team… and I like the analogy with a mechanical machine… you can have 2 ways to build it… from inside to outside or outside to inside, you can have a predefined mold and need to find the gears to fit inside it, of need to find the mold to can contain the gears you have.

Now the approach of a football team, you can have a philosophy or a coaching scheme predefined, and need to get the players who can play in this scheme, you maybe don’t need the elite QB who throw for 400 yds each game, and the RB to run for 150+ yards, or a FS to intercept every ball throw around him, maybe need a players to understand what’s his function in the field, and do it very well.

Some teams can find this way in this formula, and some of this teams inclusive gain a Super Bowl, remember the Super Bowl XXXVII, Bucs have Brad Johnson and Riders Rich Gannon, Two teams with 2nd tier QB’s, this is only an example… but by the years a lot of teams find in this formula the way to win.

The more common formula was to get grate players and find the way to function like a team… buts now the problem was to find the right coach schema for this players… and sometimes the schema was right, but always was one miss piece in order to win a SB, remember Dan Marino history? Always was or 1 RB less, or 1 WR less in order to win a SB… John Elway only in his last’s years in the league has the right gears to win a SB.

Sometimes when has an elite QB was enough to mask other necessities and have the opportunity (and sometimes wins) to win a SB, I put Payton Manning and Joe Montana in this category, they make the team around him play better than they truly are.

And are some coaches to can modify enough his schema to fit with the players they have… the master of this was Bill Belichick, and looks like Jim Harbough could be the heir of this title, was really suppressive how he mold the offense schema for Alex Smith.

In the case of our Miami Dolphins looks like they need only a few gears, mainly a 1st tier QB, but need a change in coaching staff too, need to find a guy how understand how to use this gears… I believe the team was better than our current record (2-7), but need to make these changes in the next offseason in order to be competitive.

I don’t know what’s harder to find, a 1st tier QB or the correct HC for a team… but we are in good position to obtain both in next offseason.

About the QB he will be one of 3 options Landry Jones, Matt Barkley or Robert Griffin III, this 3 guys will look to be 1st tier QB’s in pro level, I like them in this order, Landry Jones was mi first option, he looks like more classic pocket passer, but Matt Barkley was made his job to fight for this spot. I need to accept RG3 was a grate QB and could be a grate option but I personally has some problems to accept run first pass later QB’s.

About the next HC the picture is darker… are some good ex-HC around like Cowher, Fisher and others… and are good OC how looks ready to become good HC like Joe Philbin of the Green Bay Packers for example.


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