As the clamour over Bill Cowher continues despite his denials of interest (far from categorical) consider would he really be the best guy for the Dolphins if he were available?

Bill Cowher left the coaching ranks a Defensive guy who liked to run the ball. Someone will probably prove me wrong with stats, but although Mike Tomlin's Steelers with Big Ben are positively pass-wacky. I don't remember it that way under Cowher. 

I recall big bruising O lines, clock control with Natrone Means, Jerome Bettis ... and solid game manager QBs Neil O'Donnell, Mike Tomczak, throwing sparingly to big targets Hines Ward (read Brandon Marshall) and there was even a wildpat-esque gadget QB experiment in Kordell "Slash" Stewart. Is that so many million miles away in approach to what we have now? (leaving aside details of defensive scheme - 3-4/4-3 etc) 

Yes Bill had Big Ben in the Superbowl winning year, but they won that game despite not because of him. The MVP of Cowher's previous visit to the big one was a Cornerback with two INTs on the opposing team - (ah Larry what happened?).

Bill is still relatively young for a HC, and I'm not saying guys don't adapt, Don Shula would be a case in point, (although Cowher is not in THAT league just yet!) but what tells us Cowher really is the right type of guy for a team desperate to see offensive fireworks from a superstar QB in a pass first league? Hasn't the league moved on since he built his Steeler team?