I'm fully committed, having a good time !

Last year when we left Florida I knew I was coming back for the Winter and the earlier I return the more games I can see. Even though we weren't good last year, I though for sure the team would improve,....if only minimally. 

Schedule comes out, I plan my trip home ( including trip to Cleveland), set a date for return, and about 6 weeks ago consider side trip to NYC. 

We start out 0-2 while looking like complete shit against the Pats, and improving to just shit against the Texans. The Home crowd loved that I bet. I attend the Cleveland game remaining ever optimistic. Tough shit,...we lose. Again. Now we lose our only bright spot of this early season. F'n Chad "you're no stinking good" Henne goes down !! Before that it could already be said our defense was going backwards fast, Marshall is playing horrible, and Reggie Bush has become a non-factor. Lest we forget about the O-line too, but I'll spare you the details. 

Mind you I bought my tickets to MNF in NYC the day after I returned from Cleveland and I voluntarily agreed to come back to Florida ( and if I'm in Florida, I'm going to all the home games I can ) long ago. So what's the plan. Try to enjoy myself to the fullest and hope for the best. I going to rip-off an Idea I saw from a Seahawks fans ( WEE HAWK ). He takes Wee Hawk all around getting him in tons of pics in the coolest places in regards to the Seahawks. So in light of current QB situation I'm taking Mini Marino ( or MM for short ) on the road with me. He missed the Cleveland trip, but at that point I didn't know our team would become so aimless at the QB position. Now,....every time something breaks at that position I can turn to him and say "what would Mimi Marino do ?" ( or WWMMD). Anything to ease the, most cretain, oncoming pain of the play of the Dolphins. That hurts just thinking it, much less writing it.

Don't get me wrong, I thought Moore played OK against SD. But, I thought Thiggy was going to play well against the Bears too last year. I'm not getting my hopes up for a drastic turnaround just yet, but I love them Dolphins. 

NYC,...getting there a couple days early to see the sights. That alone has me fired up. Throw in the Monday Nighter with a new group of DolFans,....yeah it will be a good time regardless of the game. And,....what if. What if we win ! Fuck !! I'll be out of my mind heading down to the Denver game. Again,....going with LOOOWWWW expectations here. I want them to win, just thinking they don't have what it takes to win on the road, in primetime. They've been tanking for a while now, and especially hard on primetime. On a side note, anybody wanting to go to MNF in NY with a group of friendly's contact DloFansNYC. They have extra tickets due to the weak willed fans welching on their commitments. Want my thoughts on that ??? We better pass on that one. 

And there is always the tailgating. I've always loved that aspect of game day, but again there was also the optimism that went along with that as well. Now, not so much. In NY I'm just following the lead of whoever is putting this group together. If you're in the area or going to the game, email me. The more the merrier. I just don't know the area, I just now we're staying close to the stadium. Good times guaranteed ! In Maimi,....IT IS ON ! Put on the tunes, fire up the grill, get those bean bags & ping-pong balls fly'n ! They might not win as many games as I would have liked, they might look like shit, there might be  will be hordes of opposing fans. I'm just going to smile, cheer my team and enjoy the weather. What else can I do ? If there is anything I can do to help this team win please tell me,....I'll get right on it !

There also this little charity event I plan on attending. The DCC, maybe you've heard of it. Sitting on 46 sponsors, having raised over $2,100 for cancer research. But, they sent the participates an Email regarding " don't go for the minimum, GO FOR THE MAXIMUM.", so I ask again. If you can, please donate. My training continues, with 40 mile rides becoming the norm. But I know damn well 100 miles one day and 70 miles the next won't come easy. So again, if you've been procrastinating, thinking about, or just plain forgot.......please go to my rider page ( Griffin Van Nest ) at the DCC. Anything helps as the only way I can call this year a success is if surpass $2,500........kidding. But do give !

One last thing, I'm writing this while the watching the Bills take it to Philly. When ? When will it be our turn to not suck ?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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