Interesting FACT – documented by recent FOX article…

…"The Big Tuna never coached in a Super Bowl without Belichick on his coaching staff.   Parcells’ record in those seven seasons (w/o Bill-icheat) was 55-57 in the regular season and 0-3 in the postseason.  Belichick’s career record without Parcels is currently 165-95, 15-6 and three Super Bowl titles."

First – where are all the haters who constantly called me and many others "bad fans" for pointing out the draft failures and our distaste for the roster moves ?  where are they now – anyone want to stand up for Bill – or Tony  (I can’t make a halftime adjustment) right now ?

Clay Mathews should have been the pick - over Vontae (a CB)  and then another CB in Sean Smith….both look terrible this year, even though they have flashed talent – at this point you have to wonder about them going forward. Mathews is already a champion…

I want to point out the obvious – that PARCELLS model doesn’t work any more ! and it’s been this way for a long, long time…. I have said this since the beginning…. the Tuna was only interested in drafting big lineman and linebackers… His boner for DE/DL and OL not to mention big LB’s over drafting speedy LB’s (ala ZT) or  playmakers – has set this team back about 4 years now.  His blueprint was followed again this year when we took a Center (Pouncy)  at #16 overall. – As part of a line that can’t block your grandma right now – Pouncy is one of the better players – but really ?  #16 overall  ?  We’re not talking Dwight Stephenson here or even Nick Mangold… Pouncy has not proven to be worth the #16 yet….he was owned by the CLEVE DT’s, and has had trouble opening up holes. I think he will be a good player – but probably never elite…. I know he is still improving - but shouldnt you get more at #16 ?

The WORST PART is that even now the OLINE is in need of MORE draft picks….

Good MGT teams find starting OL in the later rounds every year…not ours.

If we had drafted Ryan Mallett in the second even – we would have some talent to throw in now and see what happens….. but again a big slow RB was the choice…Why not just keep RW or RB ? Thomas is a power back without speed, not good to build your hopes around.  I’ll take a #1 ALPHA WR any day and a franchise QB – Plus the NE Mold and use low round RB picks to the tune of 3 championships. 

By the way – 35-15 as a starter now (ESPN) for Matty Ryan right now….How does that sound?

This team simply MUST throw out everyone from this regime (tony & Jeff) all assistant coaches as deemed by the next HC as well. 

The blueprint should be:

1.    Draft a franchise QB – if you fail – draft another one until you get it right… this year should be easy – they way we are losing.  Luck #1, Landry Jones #2, Barkley #3


2.    Draft Playmakers with speed – like Blackmon or Alshon Jefferies – I would try and move Marshall for draft picks to be used on trade up for LUCK… Marshall is really overrated and by the time a new QB is ready – Marshall will be too old.

3.    Draft a complete RB with speed and Power - like Trent Richardson – you only do this later after adding more speed on DEF as well.

4.    Draft speed at OLB and switch to the 4-3, moving MISI inside…probably is a backup behind Dansby at that point.  STOP drafting big slow 3-4 DE’s  Draft players like Freeney & Taylor, speed off the edge on defense.  We could move Odrick and big Paulie inside starting Starks and another DE up front (would replace Langford, too slow) but keeping Langford until a replacement is found – tony McDaniels is a better pass rusher anyway. Someone from the DLINE should be traded before the trade deadline as well… Like MERLING or Langford

5.    Draft some new Guards – but not before getting more playmakers. 

The first year I would work mostly on offense – but you always have to look at BPA and that might be an OLB or TE with speed….Miami really needs two 1st rounder’s this year to try and make a splash… at least 2 #2’s…..the sad part is that we will be in at least a 3 year rebuild again.....

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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