Dolphins Kick Ass: The Number Game


Since we are on a bye week this week, and I had a thought, I am prepared to share it with you.  Call it some good humor for a dark time right now.

As you known Mission: Suck for Luck is going on right now.  The mission is to find the most gifted QB since number 13.  This could be the chance, but there is one question.  One big question.  One question that can determine the direction that the young Andrew once he joins the Dolphins.  The most important question regarding Andrew Luck joining the Miami Dolphins is:

What will his jersey number be?

Sure laugh at me.  Go ahead.  Say there's that ranger guy being crazy again.  However look at the past.  Ronnie Brown has cursed the number 23 forever.  In fact, 4 guys have gone through that number since he left.  And hell, I don't even have to bring up Ted Ginn and Brandon Marshall.  The beast has dropped enough balls to make Ginn look like a pro bowler.  However, I thought we would go ahead and do the good old seven item list what would be a good number for the young lad.

1-Well yeah.  Number one. Why not?  First pick of 2012.  Number one QB.  Making the Dolphins number one and ESPN will have to suck it.  That's right Billy.  The regime that you didn't put in place made the Dolphins elite.  Suck it buddy.  We sucked it for a year, you suck it for life old man.

2-Number 2.  Because it comes after one. 

3-Number 11.  Because 11 is a lucky number.  Luck-y number.  See what I did there.

4-Number 18.  Because he will be the 18th QB starting since Marino.  (I expect two more this year.  Most likely Moore and the Devlin kid, I can't remember his name and if someone else does, good.  Help.)

5-Number 14.  Think about it.  Griese was 12, Marino was 13, Luck will be 14 and will be the next great QB for the Phins.

6-Number 14 again.  You have three great QBs in the organization.  Number 12 and 14 surrond the greatest QB in the Dolphins uniform present day.  It's like bookends for Marino.  Or look at it like this, it's like Griese was the past, Marino was the present, and Luck is the future.  Welcome to the aqua and orange library can I take your order please?

7-Number 8 because its great,

Yes I know.  What an idiotic post.  I hope you got a laugh because that is why I wrote it.  Hey feel free to enter your suggestions below.  Thanks and I get this strange feeling we are going to lose this week, even though the Phins don't have a game.  In fact, it may be the first time in NFL history, a team has lost a game during the bye week.  

Hey, have a sense of humor.  You have to right now.  I love the Dolphins and you should too.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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