The Phinsider Fantasy Football Update

Time for our weekly update of the Phinsider Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football League.  This week, the league saw one of its undefeated teams lose, and one of the 0-3 teams moved up to 1-3.

The week's results are below:

Phinsider_Mosul 96.78 - NJ Fins 102.66

Cruces Crushers 104.66 - Mr. Phintastic 81.18

Wade County Ballers 124.08 - Fin Factor 112.24

God Squad 106.44 - Cleo2Camo 58.50

Gateway Gunslingers 82.14 - Hook 'em fins!!!1! 128.28

Phungal Inphection 104.74 - The Boondock Saints 110.42

IA Phan 90.84 - River City Rebels 112.88

Shaving Reggies Bush 137.00 - FishNFinz 112.62

FirstTimer 89.34 - Vontae's Inferno 123.30

killerb 89.72 - All The Eggs & Bacon 124.08

That leaves the current standings looking like:

Joe Robbie Division Dan Marino Division
Team Record Games Back Team Record Games Back
Gateway Gunslingers 3-1-0 ----- Cruces Crushers 3-1-0 -----
The Boondock Saints 2-2-0 1 Phungal Inphection 2-2-0 1
NJ Fins 2-2-0 1
FirstTimer 2-2-0 1
Fin Factor 1-3-0 2 Hook 'em fins!!!1! 1-3-0 2
Phinsider_Mosul 1-3-0 2 FishNFinz 1-3-0 2
Zach Thomas Division Don Shula Division
Vontae's Inferno 4-0-0 ----- God Squad 3-1-0 -----
Wade County Ballers 3-1-0 1 Shaving Reggies Bush 3-1-0 -----
Mr. Phintastic 2-2-0 2 River City Rebels 2-2-0 1
killer b 1-3-0 3 All The Eggs & Bacon 2-2-0 1
IA Phan 0-4-0 4 Cleo2Camo 2-2-0 1

Next week, the schedule is:

Phinsider_Mosul vs. River City Rebels

Cruces Crushers vs. The Boondock Saints

Wade County Killers vs. killer b

God Squad vs. Mr. Phintastic

Gateway Gunslingers vs. Fin Factor

Phungal Inphection vs. FishNFinz

IA Phan vs. Hook 'em fins!!!1!

Shaving Reggies Bush vs. All The Eggs & Bacon

FirstTimer vs. NJ Fins

Cleo2Camo vs. Vontae's Inferno

And, finally, as a reminder, here are the teams and the Phinsider member who is running them:

Joe Robbie Division: Dan Marino Division:
The Boondock Saints (Enhalen) Cruces Crushers (Nete88)
Fin Factor (Neo) FirstTimer (DaBest99)
Gateway Gunslingers (Chupathingy) FishNFinz (FishNFinz)
NJ Fins (Finhead83) Hook 'em fins!!!1! (dolger14)
Phinsider_Mosul (Mosul_DolFan) Phungal Inphection (Schwanson)
Zach Thomas Division: Don Shula Division:
IA Phan (djdj113) All The Eggs & Bacon Z (tenaciouslee)
killer b (Phinatic on Sullivans Island) Cleo2Camo (09cunliffe)
Mr. Phintastic (Mr. Phintastic) God Squad (Va FinFan)
Vontae's Inferno (small balls) River City Rebels (Foy)
Wade County Ballers (miamimike71) Shaving Reggies Bush (BSerious72)

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