Is It Me?

I've been away from the computer for awhile and if this subject has been discussed already, I apologize. That being said, before the last draft I voiced my concern about two players...Soliai, and Carpenter. Then Soliai received 'the Tag'...which , IMO, speaks volumes about the talent we had at that time. So, from the beginning of the season I have been casually watching Soliai, with the same casual intensity that Alpha watches the latch on Bacon's cage.


I find the Center and then look directly across from him, one is there. For the vast majority of the defensive plays we have been running a 4-3? We are not a 4-3 defense, so what the hell is going on? Before JT left the Dolphins, he inflicted pain to our opponents like an eggplant sized enema probe. Then when he left and joined a 4-3 team, he was as painful as a baby carrot. Is this new covert 4-3 design the reason Jason is almost ineffective? It's his age, you say...but then what's the excuse for Wake? He has, for the most part, been neutralized also and this, to me, is the clearest tell that something has drastically changed.

Then there are the woe's from the Safety's and Corners.  We have a Charger running down the middle of an empty field like an owl with spinal meningitis. His body is pointed toward the goal line but his face is looking at the quarterback, and he's bent back so far looking up for the ball, that his shoulders are almost getting hit by his own heels, for christ sake. If you have the ability to watch this play again, notice that Gates is just jogging behind him like a spectator who's on the field. If he would have been running flat out, like real players are suppose to do, he would have caught up to him and touched him before he got up [remember, he fell down, adjusted, got back up and started running again]. It wasn't until he got back up that Gates kicked it in, but by then it was too late. If I was the coach, he would have been benched for the rest of the game...minimum. These are the effects of running a 4-3 with our talent, BUT are we running it because of Soliai's mediocrity? If not...then why?

Carpenter is not a great kicker! In one of the games we lost last know, the one where Carpenter missed on FIVE attempts, that would have been the game, as a coach, I make a mental note..."New Kicker"! But the guy never even had competition. Why?? Can you imagine Carpenter singing Karaoke on the sideline...while we are losing..and 10 feet away was coach Shula? [Everyone who watched Shula coach, just 'puckered' reading that.] With all this joking going on during a losing game and season, compiled with a lack of sideline communication, tells me my support of Sporano has dropped dramatically.

What I see are two things.

1) A group of very talented players, with very little discipline from their head coach!  

2) A 3-4 defense that somehow covertly morphed into a 4-3, leaving the players with WTF do I do now, feeling.

 Is this really happening, or...Is it me?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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