Building an Offense: 2012 Draft Prospect Database


 Here the Miami Dolphins stand at 0-4.  And to make things worse, our starting QB is out indefinitely, and our top back has been battling injuries.  I'm not sure the season can get much worse, but it doesn't appear like it will get much better either.

There has been alot of debate over whether losing more games and getting the 1st pick is the best option for this team.  I'm not sure exactly how I would handle the situation if I were Sparano, Ireland, or Ross.  But it appears that only winning 4 games and getting a Top 5 pick is better for the franchise long-term.  

Even with a great turnaround, nobody (fans or players or coaches) will be happy with 7 wins, we will have just moved ourselves out of contention for an elite QB prospect.  So I say the team shouldn't make any changes, stick with Sparano, don't sign any FAs that will help us for this season.  I'm not going to root for the Phins to get beat every week, but I also won't be jumping for joy if we start winning some games and are 3-6 all of a sudden.


I hope you guys don't mind me looking too far ahead, but it's never really too early to start talking about the draft, especially when your team is out of playoff contention.

This Post will only view Draft needs, strategies, and prospects on the Offensive Side of the ball.  Depending on the reviews this gets and how much time I have to write, and might make one for Defense too.  But right now we're just focusing on Offense, which is more fun to talk about, easier to analyze and is the bigger issue with our team in my opinion.


Offensive Team Needs

Deciding what positions the team needs upgrades at or increased depth at can be seen by watching our first 3 games, as well as taking a good look at the Depth Chart. 


This is pretty controversial, as some people will decide that Henne isn't the problem and that we need more around him.  I see it that he isn't the problem, but he also isn't a solution to any of our problems like great QBs are.  Henne is only average, or maybe a slightly above average starting signal-caller in the league.  And it seems as if he's hit his ceiling.  We don't need any depth at QB, but is it time to replace him with a 1st round selection at QB?  I think so.  If we're picking in the Top 10, we could potentially have a chance at getting Matt Barkley, Landry Jones, or Robert Griffin III.


Wide Receiver

Reciever is another tricky position for this team.  It partially depends on how the coaches and FO feel about Marshall, who has dropped far too many passes this season, and is underwhelming in the Red Zone.  And while Bess and Hartline are nice, consistent targets, they are both better suited as a #3 receiver.  I could see the the Dolphins going for a receiver in the first 2 rounds.  But after that there's really no point, because we already have 6 on the roster and nobody is old.


Tight End

We need to take a TE between round 2-4 in my opinon. We could look for a all-in-one TE with special receiving ability like Clemson's Dwayne Allen in 2nd, or we could look for a lower-level guy later on in the 3rd or 4th.  But either way, we need a TE.  We could use an upgrade over Fasano as the starter, and we also need depth to push Jeron Mastrud out of the way.  Right now every potent offense in the NFL has a seam-busting TE, if not 2.  We have none.


Running Back

We recently signed a young player in Steve Slaton as the 3rd true RB on the roster (Hilliard can play it when needed), and we also signed RB Richard Medlin to the PS, making him the 2nd back on the PS (Grisby the other).  There is really no reason to adress the RB position, unless it's a BPA 6th or 7th rounder just to throw another guy into the mix.  And not to mention, there is no RB in this draft class that would come in and be an upgrade over Daniel Thomas besides Trent Richardson.


Offensive Tackle 

We have no need for a Left Tackle, but the Right Tackle situation is a bit crappy.  Marc Colombo sports a 1-2 punch of old and slow, and Lyndon Murtha is young and could develop into a decent RT, but is currently on IR.  The team could possibly be looking at taking a franchise RT in the 1st round, but more likely will look to take a guy in the 2nd or 3rd to be given a shot to take the RT role right away or take some time to develop.  We also need to add some depth at the position.


Offensive Guard

The Dolphins just spent a top pick on Mike Pouncey, but he's playing Center not Guard.  The team will look for a upgrade over Vernon Carey, who is getting up there in years (30) and hasn't been playing that great.  Incognito hasn't been great either, but atleast is 2 years younger and has done alright opening lanes for Thomas between the tackles.  But depth is also a concern at Gaurd.


Not really a need at all because there is only one on the field, and Pouncey is a rookie and is playing well.  Incognito also has experience playing Center in the past. 



Offensive Player Prospects

I'm going to go over some prospects at each position, and where we could be targeting that player.  For this I'll assume we're picking around 8-12 where I expect us to.  I'll start with the most debatable and scrutinized position in any sport, being the Quarterback.

Note that for these Player Notes, I'm combing what I've seen of the players and what I read in other scouting reports.  I haven't seen all of these guys play so I often go to the aid of people who have.



Andrew Luck, Stanford.  6'4" 235 lbs. 

Likely Pick:  1st Overall


Luck is the consensus top prospect in the 2012 draft.  The only way the Dolphins have a chance at getting him is if either we finish with the worst record, or pay the heavy price of trading up for the #1 pick.  He has a mostly complete skillset to play QB in the NFL, and is currently looking to win the Heisman Trophy after finishing 2nd in the voting last season.


2011:  71% comp, 1013 yards, 11 TDs, INT.   9.05 YPA, 178.0 RAT

2010:  71% comp, 3338 yards, 32 TDs, 8 INTs.  8.97 YPA, 170.2 RAT


- One of the most accurate QBs in the nation, on short, intermediate, and long passes.
-  Arm strength isn't elite, but is very good and allows him to make tough throws downfield and fit tight spaces.
-  Excellent size, making him able to stand in the pocket without being bothered by the D-Line.
-  A proven leader who knows how to win games.
-  Is very good in the 4th quarter;  185.5 rating last season, his second best Quarter (Plays best in 1st Q).
-  Very mobile, allowing him to escape the rush, and run for some yards (438 last season).
-  25 TDs, only 1 INT in the Red Zone dating back to last season.
-  Great at improvising while keeping his eyes downfield.

-  Sometimes tries to do too much;  sometimes tries to run over a LB, and can sometimes force throws.
-  He has always been very, very well protected in the pocket and has a strong offense around him.


Below is a highlight video of Luck.  Well edited with music.  I didn't make it I found it on Youtube.





Matt Barkley, USC.  6'2" 220 lbs.

Likely Pick:  2-10


It's almost ridiculous to think Barkley will upend Luck as the #1 QB in the draft, even with a strong year.  Barkley, however, could go as early as 2nd overall, and likely won't get out of the Top 8.  I really don't see Barkley getting past Pete Carroll and the Seahawks, who will likely be picking in the Top 8.  And just for the record, I personally think Barkley is overhyped and should be more of a 10-20 player rather than a Top 8.


2011:  (4 games)  71%, 1587 yards, 14 TDs, 4 INTS.  8.4 YPA, 162.0 RAT

2010:  63% comp, 2791,  26 TDs, 12 INTS.   7.4 YPA, 141.2 RAT


-  A 3-year starter with over 30 games started (not yet, but will be by the draft).
-  Pretty accurate in most situations, with solid ball placement.
-  Has above average arm strength and can throw downfield.
-  Plays against a high level of competition in college.
-  Mobility is pretty good, can extend plays and get a few scramble yards, but isn't running away from anyone.

-  Has small mechanical issues in his throw, including wasted motions.
-  Throws a little too many INTs, with 29 through 2 and 1/3 seasons (just over 1 per game).
-  Plays worst in the 4th quarter; 58% compl. with 1 TD and 1 INT this season, far worse than any other quarter.  Last season only completed 45% for 3 TDs and 2 INTs in the 4th quarter.  Similar to Chad Henne.
-  Height isn't a real issue but isn't an asset.


Landry Jones, Oklahoma.  6'4" 225 lbs.

Likely Pick:  10-15


Jones leads a high-powered offense at Oklahoma.  His eye-popping stats of 4,718 yards and 38 TDs last season make him an intruiging prospect.  He should go in the Top half of the 1st round, but is a long shot to go in the Top 3.  He could be available to the Dolphins without having to trade up.


2011:  (3)  72% comp, 1447 yards, 10 TDs, 5 INTs.  9.3 YPA.  165 RAT

2010:  66% comp, 4718 yards, 38 TDs, 12 INTs.  7.6 YPA.  146 RAT


-  Operates one of the best offenses in the FBS
-  Will have over 30 starts after this season.
-  Is pretty accurate, especially short and intermediate routes.
-  Has a good, fairly quick release that allows him to make quick throws on slants.
-  Arm strength isn't elite but is adequate for the NFL.
-  15 TDs to NO INTs inside the 10-yard line last season.
-  Ideal size and no concerns about adding strength or bulk.

-  Doesn't have to make pre-snap reads or audibles before the snap.
-  Dinks and Dunks alot, similar to what we see Bradford currently doing in the NFL.
-  Mobility isn't a concern, but it won't be an assett for him.  He won't escape too many blitzes or scramble for yards.
-  Threw 12 INTs last season and 14 the season before, with 2 vs. Fla State and Mizzou each this year.


                        Is Landry Jones a franchise Quarterback?  His size and arm scream "Hell Yeah"



Robert Griffin III, Baylor.  6'2" 220 lbs.

Likely Pick:  10-25


Griffin isn't your regular pocket-passing QB.  He's plays in a spread out offense that runs alot of options.  Alot like Oregon if you've seen them play.  However, unlike alot of QBs who play in a similar system, Griffin has an arm that can make it in the NFL.  He's tough to project because he's only a Junior, doesn't have a prototypical skillset, and has alot left to prove this season after bursting on the scene with 3 nearly perfect games.


2011:  (3)  82% comp, 1308 yards, 18 TDs, 1 INTs.  11.6 YPA, 230 RAT

2010:  67% comp, 3501 yards, 22 TDs, 8 INTs.  7.7 YPA, 144.2 RAT


-  Griffin III produced great numbers last season and is doing so again this season.
-  Has pretty good accuracy on all types of routes and distances.
-  His mobility and ability to run are similar to that of Mike Vick, and should be as effective in the NFL.
-  He has pretty good arm strength to throw it deep and fit the ball into tight spaces.
-  Plays a very efficient game, completeing a high percent of passes and keepin INTs numbers low.
-  Throws very well on the run.
-  Has shown significant improvement during his time at Baylor.

-  His completion numbers aren't a fluke but they're inflated by alot of bubble screens.
-  Has to adjust to a pro system of taking from under center, and going through progressions.
-  His size is barely ideal, as he seems to be a stretch 6'2" and isn't built that big.
-  His delivery is a bit slow and needs some refinement.


                              Griffin's stock has soared this season, as he shows off his Vick-like skillset. 




Nick Foles, Arizona.  6'4" 240 lbs.

Likely Pick:  20-35


Foles is Senior QB who is looking to make a splash in this QB class with a strong season.  He is mostly regarded as a 2nd-half of the 1st round player, but his size and arm could be enticing enough for a team to take him in the Top 15. 


2011: (4)  72% comp.  1877 yards, 14 TDs, 2 INTs.  8.0 YPA, 157 RAT

2010:  67% comp, 2191 yards, 20 TDs, 10 INTs.  7.5 YPA, 141 RAT


-  Foles' size and build is an asset for him.
-  Has plenty of experience and starts under his belt.
-  Puts up pretty good all-around numbers at Arizona.
-  Has an excellent start to his 2011 season, with 10 TDs and NO INTs.
-  Foles has a smooth delivery that is quick and high.
-  Above average accuracy in most situations.
-  Arm strength is pretty good, as he gets good zip on short and intermediate routes, and can air it out deep. 
-  Has experience playing with a poor supporting cast and having to be the leader.
-  So far this season, his highest QB rating by Quarter is in the 4th Quarter.

-  Needs to work on his footwork.
-  Sometimes throws behind receivers on short routes, which could occasonally be Pick-6's in the NFL.
-  Isn't great at escaping the pocket or scrambling for yards.
-  Hasn't consistently won, and his team suffered a 5-game losing streak last season, and is only 1-3 this season.


Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M.  6'4" 225 lbs.

Likely Pick:  35-50


Tannehill is likely going to be a 2nd round pick in the draft.  He has some good things like size and athleticism, but has concerns, too, that will keep him out of the 1st round.


2011:  (3)  68% comp, 1139 yards, 6 TDs, 5 INTs.  7.8 YPA, 140 RAT

2010:  65% comp, 1638 yards, 13 TDs, 6 INTs.  7.0 YPA, 137 RAT


-  His height is an asset that allows him to see over the line and deliver the ball unbothered.
-  He's really athletic and mobile, which he showe against Oklahoma State rushing for 69 yards and a TD.
-  He produces good yardage and Touchdown totals in college.
-  His accuracy isn't that great but it can be really good in spurts.
-  Hasn't maxed out on ability.

-  Arm strength is only average.
-  Only entering his first full season as a starter, and will have only right around 20 starts entering the draft.
-  Ball placement can be a bit sporadic, and misses alot of deep throws.
-  Release isn't slow but could be quicker.
-  Doesn't go through progressions and sometimes looks to run or escape too soon.



Running Backs

Like I stated in the team needs section, a RB isn't a need for this team.  But there's a chance we draft a late-round back just to throw into the mix.  These guys are all projected to go in the 5th to 7th round, and some of them might go undrafted.


Vick Ballard, Missisipi State.  5'11"  220 lbs.

Ballard is a big, between-the-tackles back for the Bulldogs.  His lack of speed and elusivness will keep him out of the first 3 or 4 rounds, but he's a good value late in the draft.

                               Ballard would be a interesting addition to the team as a Day 3 running back.


Tauren Poole, Tennessee.  5'10" 215 lbs.

Poole is a balanced SEC back who puts up some decent production at UT (318 yards this season).

Dan Herron, Ohio State.  5'10" 210 lbs.

"Boom" Herron is yet to appear in a game in '11 because of a suspension, which could hurt his stock.  But his production in a Big Ten offense, and his nice burst through holes makes him worth a look.

Jeffery Demps, Florida.  5'8" 190 lbs.

Demps is a tiny scat-back who has similarites to current Dolphin Steve Slaton, and PS player Nic Grisby.  He has great speed and quickness, but his size is a concern.


Bobby Rainey, Western Kentucky.  5'8" 205 lbs.

Rainey's stature barely scrapes "short", but guys like Sproles have shown height isn't a requirement for backs.  Rainey led the nation in rushing last season, and also contributed in the passing game with 230 yards.


Brandon Bolden, Mississipi.  5'11" 215 lbs.

Bolden was named 3rd-team all-SEC last season, thanks to 976 yards on the ground to go along with 32 catches.


Davin Megget, Maryland.  5'8" 215 lbs.

Durability is a must if you want to make a career in the NFL as a running back.  Megget knows something about durability; he's never missed a game in his collegiate career.


Montel Harris, Boston College.  5'10" 205 lbs.

Harris is one of the top backs in the ACC, and will be in someone's training camp.


Wide Receivers

Like I said earlier, the only way the Phins go for a Wideout is if it's in the 1st round, to get a guy who could be a 1,000+ yard receiving across from Brandon Marshall.


Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State.  6'1" 210 lbs.

Likely Pick:  5-10


Last year's Biletnikoff winner decided to return for another season of college football, and by the end of the season will have solidied himself as a Top 10 pick.  He's a complete receiver who will be able to handle be a #1 target at the next level.


2011:  (4)  38 rec, 450 yards, 4 TDs.  11.8 Avg.

2010:  111 rec, 1782 yards, 20 TDs.  16.1 Avg.


-  Has great hands, that shows when he gets in traffic.
-  Finds ways to get create separation and get open.
-  Produces very, very consistently, as he once had a string of 12 straight games with 100+ yards and a TD.
-  Blackmon isn't afraid to run across the middle and get hit.
-  Can make a defender miss after the catch and pick up extra yards.

-  Has some concentration lapses;  drops some easy catches, and had an embarrassing fumble last Saturday.
-  His top end speed isn't elite like we've seen in some past top WR prospects.
-  Doesn't always make hard cuts out of his routes and sometimes simply relies on his athleticism to get open.


                       Blackmon is almost a lock to go in the Top 10.  But is he better than Alshon Jeffery?


Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina.  6'4" 235 lbs.

Likely Pick: 5-10


Jeffery is a huge, mass-producing receiving target, and a product of the SEC.  He is in a race with Blackmon for the top receiver in this draft class.  He most likely won't drop out of the Top 10, and could realistically go as high as 3rd overall to a team needing a #1 receiver.


2011:  (4)  19 rec, 332 yards, 2 TDs.  17.5 Avg

2010:  88 rec, 1517 yards, 9 TDs.  17.2 Avg. 


-  His size is a huge asset that he will use, similar to Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson.
-  He is great at beating press coverage and creating separation.
-  Does a good job of getting open on a consistent basis.
-  Averaged over 17 yards per catch last season, and is doing so again this season.
-  Is unstoppable in the Red Zone, unless you double or even triple team him.

-  His production is down this season, less than 70 ypg and only 1 TD, but that's mostly in part to Garcia's struggles.
-  He is fast for his size, but doesn't possess the same speed as NFL-comparison Calvin Johnson.


Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma.  5'11 190 lbs.

Likely Pick:  15-30


Broyles is a small receiver, standing under 6', but that only helps his quickness and "slipperyness".  Gets huge yards after catch using his quickness and speed, and that should be enough to get him into the 1st round.  Comparable to Santana Moss (when he was a bit younger).


2011:  38 rec, 476 yards, 6 TDs, 12.5 YPC

2010:  131 rec, 1,622 yards, 14 TDs, 12.4 YPC


-  Broyles has great hands, and catches anything in his reach.
-  His quickness and elusiveness is tough to handle, and it helps him get yards after the catch.
-  Is a threat on punt returns, and has 2 TDs in his career.
-  Works really well across the middle and underneath, and isn't afraid to get drilled.
-  Arguably the biggest producing FBS receiver the last 2 seasons.
-  A solid route runner who creates separation in man, and finds open spaces in zones.

-  His size makes him quick and slippery, but he can't break tackles or get "tackled foward".
-  Doesn't beat press coverage well against big corners.
-  His small frame makes him a possiblity to be injury-prone;  also note he broke his collarbone in '09.


 Great highlights video of Broyles at OU.  Again, I didn't make it, Youtube had it.


Michael Floyd, Notre Dame.  6'3" 225 lbs.

Likely Pick:  15-35


Floyd, a Junior, is a big, fast target from Notre Dame.  Floyd has all the physical tools and the skillset to be a top receiver at the next level, but he has some "red flag" concerns that he needs to clear up first.


2011:  47 rec, 561 yards,  3 TDs, 11.9 YPC

2010:  79 rec, 1025 yards, 12 TDs, 13.0 YPC


-  Big, physical frame similar to that of Andre Johnson.
-  Uses strength and size to move CBs and beat press coverage.
-  Makes some nice catches in traffic.
-  Produces nice numbers despite lacking QB play.

-  Really lacks breakaway speed that other top WR prospects have.
-  Coupled with a lack of speed, his jumping ability is only average, and therefore he won't be a big vertical threat.
-  Has had issues with alchohol in the past.
-  Teams question his character, as his coach has threatened to kick him off the team.



Jeff Fuller, Texas A&M.  6'4" 220 lbs.

Likely Pick:  25-40


Fuller is a Senior with over 2,300 career receving yards, and he could eclipse 3,000 for his career by the end of this season.


2011:  26 rec, 268 yards, 2 TDs, 10.3 YPC

2010:  72 rec, 1066 yards, 12 TDs, 14.8 YPC


-  Fuller has a great frame that he uses as an assett.
-  Runs routes of different distances, and is good at them all.
-  Makes alot of plays in the End Zone...30 career TD receptions.
-  Has nice ball skills, getting himself into position to make catches, and shows good hands.

-  Isn't as much a big-play threat as his size would suggest;  only 10.3 YPC this season, and not great speed.
-  Inconsistent production;  four games in 2010 with more than 120 yards, but had less than 40 in four his last five.
-  Doesn't get much yards after the catch, showing his athleticism isn't elite.


                                Fuller has nice size and is a good athlete, but is he a 1st round pick?


Mohammed Sanu, Rutgers.  6'2" 220 lbs.

Likely Pick:  30-45


Sanu is like the Randall Cobb of this draft except bigger.  By that I mean, a do-everything and unable-to-do-nothing type of player.  Has played QB, RB, WR, and Safety in his time at Rutgers, and finally switched to wideout full time this season.  Sanu will probably go in the first half of the 2nd round.


2011:  43 rec, 428 yards, 5 TDs, 10.0 YPC

2010:  44 rec, 418 yards, 2 TDs, 9.5 YPC.   
            59 rush, 309 yards, 4 TDs, 5.2 YPR
            67% comp, 130 yards, 3 TDs, 326 RAT


-  His versatility is immeasureable.  Similar to what we saw with Randall Cobb last year's draft.
-  Has nice height and a strong built frame.
-  Has good athleticism in space, and has a nice leap too.
-  Can contribute in the return game.

-  Sanu actually doesn't have alot of experience at receiver.
-  Needs to refine his route running.


Nick Toon, Wisconsin.  6'3" 215 lbs.

Likely Pick:  40-55


Toon, son of former NFL player Al Toon, is a Big Ten recever who seems to have finally shown his full potential this season.  Toon is a threat on any types of routes.  He's a good bid to land in the 2nd round.


2011:  25 rec, 447 yards, 6 TDs, 17.9 YPC

2010:  36 rec, 459 yards, 3 TDs, 12.8 YPC


-  A good route runner, makes good cuts and gets open.
-  Has nice overall size for the NFL, nice height and a solid frame.
-  Has experience in a Pro-style offense that includes him having to block alot, which he's great at.
-  Has pretty good straight-line speed, should be able to get over the top occasionally in the NFL.

-  Overall ability/skillset makes him more of a #2 receiver than a #1.
-  Foot and ankle injuries took him out a few games last season, and slowed him down in Spring and Fall camp.


                            Nick Toon's stock has risen alot this season thanks to a hot start.

Dwight Jones, North Carolina.  6'4" 220 lbs.

Likely Pick:  40-55


Jones is a bit raw as a receiver, but is a big, strong, pure athlete who has shown flashes.  Similar to his former teammate Greg Little last season.


2011:  33 rec, 514 yards, 6 TDs, 15.6 YPC

2010:  62 rec, 964 yards, 4 TDs, 15.3 YPC


-  Goes up high and gets the ball at its highest point.
-  Has a big, strong frame that let's him shield off small corners.
-  Is on pace for a monster 2011 campaign;  1,200+ yards, 13+ TDs.
-  Plays in a Power 6 conference which sends alot of defensive backs to the NFL.

-  Still developing as a route runner.
-  Doesn't have geat wiggle or elusiveness after the catch.
-  Had really inconsistent production last season;  just check his game log. 

Tight Ends

We should be looking for an athletic, seam-busting TE to help out the aerial attack of the offense.  Fasano can then be what he was born to be, which is a 2nd-option tight end.


Dwyane Allen, Clemson.  6'4" 255 lbs.

Likely Pick:  30-45


Allen is a rare combination of size, speed, and receiving ability in a tight end.  He has the potential to be a seam-attacking TE, similar to Jermichael Finley and Antonio Gates.  Allen will most likely find a home somewhere in the middle of the 2nd round.  He's only a Junior, but will likely go if he sees a chance at breaking the 1st round.


2011:    18 rec, 291 yards, 4 TDs.  16.2 YPC.

2010:  33 rec, 373 yards, TD.  11.3 YPC.


-  His height and jumping ability make him a great Red Zone target.
-  His speed and athleticism is a matchup problem for linebackers.
-  Shows alot of ability getting downfield and making catches, with a 15.4 average YPC.
-  Is known as a pretty good blocker, and his size will help him block at the next level.
-  Very versatile, can line up in the backfield and even out wide as a receiver.

-  Should improve the consinstency of his hands.
-  Not an issue at all but should continue to improve his blocking in the NFL.


      Clemson's Allen is separating himself from the other Tight Ends, thanks to 291 yards and 4 TDs this season.


Coby Fleener, Stanford.  6'6" 245 lbs.

Likely Pick:  45-60


Fleener is more than just a security blanket for Andrew Luck;  he's one of Luck's favorite targets.  He's a tall, long TE who is used in alot of situations at Standford.  He's not quite the all-around prospect that Allen is, making Fleener more of a late 2nd/ early 3rd round bid.


2011:   10 rec, 214 yards, 5 TDs.  21.4 YPC

2010:  28 rec, 434 yards, 7 TDs.  15.5 YPC


-  Has good height and a wingspan that makes him a big target.
-  Runs really well, and will be a tough matchup for linebackers because of that.
-  Lines up at H-back, TE, and WR, showing his versatility.
-  Plays at a high collegiate level.
-  All-around athleticism that includes agile feet and good leaping ability.

-  Needs to add more weight and upper-body strength;  appears a bit thin and lanky.
-  Having Andrew Luck thowing to him could boost him stats.
-  Won't be a dominating blocker at the next level, especially not until he gets a bit bigger.


Micheal Egnew, Missouri.  6'6" 245 lbs.

Likely pick:  60-80


Egnew has the potential to be a big-factor TE in an NFL passing offense.  But first, he has alot of work to do, and will have to improve some facets of his game.  He's likely to go in the 3rd round, and could sneak into the 2nd if a team is just so intruiged by his athleticism.


2011:  8 rec, 97 yards, TD.  12.1 YPC.

2010:  90 rec, 762 yards, 5 TDs.  8.5 YPC.


-  Has good hands, which are very consistent.
-  A good runner who can beat linebackers down the middle of the field.
-  Has nimble feet and good quicness to make moves in space.
-  His 90 catches as a Junior is a very intriguing stat.
-  Has great height, and a frame that can hold more bulk and weight.

-  Rarely lines up at a natural TE spot next to a tackle;  usually is out wide.
-  Doesn't block very well, and seems to even lack effort in that department at times.
-  Is pretty thin, and will certainly need to add bulk.
-  Most of his catches are bubble screens and quick throws, boosting recs, and leading to a low 8.5 YPC in '10.
-  His production is way down this season, which is a red flag if it continues.


David Paulsen, Oregon.  6'4" 245 lbs.

Likely Pick:  70-90


Paulsen has been a nice piece in Oregon's spread, no-huddle offense.  He has proven to be a good threat in the passing game, and has been decent as a blocker.  He will likely land in the 3rd round.


2011:   7 rec, 48 yards, TD.  6.9 YPC

2010:  24 rec, 418 yards, 4 TDs.  17.4 YPC


-  Oregon uses him alot on vertical routes down the field, something that NFL offenses demand.
-  17.4 YPC as a Junior shows alot of big-play ability.
-  Pretty good straight line speed, and decent quickness.
-  Shows alot of versatilty, lining up all around the field.

-  Should be a bit faster, and more agile considering his lack of weight /bulk.
-  Is a decent blocker because he gives effort, but will need to get bigger to succed in the NFL at blocking.


Video of Paulsen in 2010.



George Bryan, NC State.  6'6" 265 lbs.

Likely Pick:  70-90


Bryan is a traditionally-sized NFL TE, with a skillset that is nearly comlpete.  He could find a home for himself in the 3rd round of the '12 draft.


2011:  9 rec, 95 yards, TD.  10.6 YPC

2010:  35 rec, 369 yards, 3 TDs, 10.5 YPC


-  Is a very good blocker at the point of attack, and gets downfield quickly to take out safeties.
-  Has elite size for a TE in height, weight, and build.
-  Is a reliable receiver with good hands.
-  Over 1,000 yards for his career and 14 TDs.

-  Won't blow anyone away athletically;  only average in that department.
-  His production is really down so far this season.




Offensive Tackle


Matt Kalil, USC.  6'6" 295 lbs.

Likely Pick:  3-10

Beat out fellow Top 10 pick Tyron Smith last season, as Kalil played Left Tackle and pushed Smith to the right side.  But like Smith, he needs to add a few pounds.


Jonathan Martin, Stanford.  6'6" 305 lbs.

Likely Pick:  5-10

Martin is trusted with protecting the blindside of Heisman candidate Andrew Luck, and does it well.  He dominates linebackers in run blocking when he gets to the second level.


                                              Martin is regarded as the Top tackle Prospect by many.


Riley Reiff, Iowa.  6'6" 300 lbs.

Likely Pick:  10-20

Reiff is only a Junir and could stay in school, but knowing he will be a Top 20 pick could drag him in.  Reiff takes on the best rushers the Big Ten has to offer weekly.


Andrew Datko, Florida State.  6'6" 320 lbs.

Likely Pick:  25-40

Datko anchors the offensie line for one of the ACC's best teams.  He does a great job, but is missing the dominance that Martin and Kalil have.


Levy Adcock, Oklahoma State.  6'5" 320 lbs.

Likely Pick:  40-60

Adcock's NFL ready size, coupled with decent athleticism will likely land him in the second round to a team needing a Right Tackle.


Mike Adams, Ohio State.  6'6" 320 lbs.

Likely Pick:  50-70

Adams is really the only solid thing in the Ohio State offense right now, and scouts see that.


Nate Potter, Boise State.  6'6" 300 lbs.

Likely Pick:  75-95

Potter is the main piece of a line that keeps Kellen Moore from rarely being touched.  Potter hasn't shown enough against big, athletic rushers like you find in the SEC and BIg Ten, though.


Zebire Sanders, Florida State.  6'5" 310 lbs.

Likely Pick:  85-110

Sanders works opposite Andrew Datko, who will be likely dgo 2 rounds ahead of Sanders (2nd and 4th).


Matt Reynolds, BYU.  6'4" 305 lbs.

Likely Pick: 85-110

Reynolds is one of the best offensive linemann to play for a non-AQ team in the country.



Offensive Guards


Cordy Glenn, Georgia.  6'5" 345 lbs.

Likely Pick:  20-30

Glenn is a natural guard who will likely be the first ones off the board in this draft.  His size is amazing, and he still moves well carrying all that weight.

                                 Glenn will try to use 2011 to solidify himself as the Top Guard prospect.


David DeCastro, Stanford.  6'5" 310

Likely Pick:  25-40

DeCastro is the second Stanford lineman who could go in the 1st round.  He was 1st-team All-Pac 10 Last season, voted by the coaches.


Kelechi Osemele, Iowa State.  6'5" 345 lbs.

Likely Pick:  30-50

Osmele is a big, strong lineman who will likely find a home in the 2nd round.


Lucas Nix, Pittsburgh.  6'5" 310 lbs.

Likely Pick:  50-70

Nix, a product of Pitt and the Big Eastm has a common size and skillset to play guard in the NFL.


Kevin Zeitler, Wisconsin.  6'4" 318 lbs.

Liely Pick:  50-70

Zeitler lead blocks for one of the best rushing attacks in college football.


Senio Kelemete, Washington.  6'3" 300 lbs.

Likely Pick:  80-110

Kelemete is slightly undersized to play in the NFL at anything besides center, but he's still worth a 4th round look as a backup guard.




Thanks so much to anyone who read this.  And thanks to fellow SBnation blog Mocking The Draft, I used some of their lists and articles to help me with the prospects I'm not too familiar with.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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