Me vs Ireland.

I think it was off4l who posted the Q and A's with Channing Crowder and one of them was how bad Jeff Ireland is at building a team. Nothing infuriates me more than watching picks I would have made, blossom on other teams, so it got me thinking about who I wanted and would of taken if I was the GM of the Dolphins and compare them to Ireland/Parcells' picks. Me, just a diehard Dolphins fan who occasionally watches some college football and follows the entire NFL week to week from my couch and on my iPad vs. the "professionals" who's job it is to scout talent and get paid handsomely to make these decisions. Now it's easy to sit here and lie and make picks up in retrospect, and say I would have drafted nothing but pro bowlers, but I'm going to be completely honest and list the guys I wanted to draft in the slots the dolphins were on the clock and compare them to their picks. Im only going to compare the first 4 or so picks. So let's see how I would have done as your GM....


2008 Draft




Jake Long


Phillip Merling


Kendall Langford


Shawn Murphy




Jake Long- have to be honest here, I wouldn't have taken Matt Ryan, Long was such a safe pick(especially for the amount of money guaranteed) even though QB's win games and in hindsight u take the franchise QB, he was such a lock to be a 10 yr franchise LT that I wanted him too.


Eddie Royal WR


Tavares Gooden LB


Xavier Adibi LB


2008 summary: I would say the Dolphins did slightly better but basically a push, Langford was the deciding difference. Murphy and Merling have ( or had ) almost no impact, my picks have been career backups and royal, who looked so promising, has disappeared in Denver, if he is still even there.


2009 Draft



Vontae Davis CB


Pat White QB


Sean Smith CB


Patrick Turner WR




Clay Matthews LB- I remember this draft day well, remember when the USC linebackers were the talk of the draft? Cushing went first early and we were all almost certain we were taking either Maualuga or Matthews. I love Vontae Davis and I think it was a great pick but I would have taken a USC linebacker. I remember telling my brother it was a lock we were taking Matthews and he laughed his ass off when the pick was announced. Still love Davis though....


Sean Smith CB- would have probably reached for him but at the time I thought he was the steal of the draft ESP. When Mike Mayock compared him to Mel Blount at the combine. LOL


Michael Johnson DE


Jared Cook TE


2009 summary: as good as Davis is, I think I get the advantage with Matthews and the Pat White pick kills them in this draft, nobody saw that pick coming that early, well at least I didn't, I reached for Sean smith and they waited and still got him so kudos to them for that. Johnson and Cook have had minimal impacts and Patrick Turner is a jet so I would say I did better this draft.


2010 Draft




Jared Odrick DE

koa Misi LB


John Jerry G


AJ Edds LB




Dez Bryant WR- even with Brandon Marshall, I wanted Dez, my second choice was Pierre Paul.


Sergio Kindle DE/LB


Jimmy Graham TE- I was not walking away from this draft without Jimmy Graham and Aaron Hernandez, even if I had to trade back up for Hernandez with my day 2 picks, I can't believe they passed on both especially when they're from their backyard.


Aaron Hernandez TE


2010 summary: here's where I think I separate myself, I Thought the picks of Odrick and Misi were very solid, plus they made up the 2nd rd pick in the BM trade, but I wanted DEZ. And there was no way possible I would have left this draft without Graham and Hernandez even of it cost me the rest of my draft, that's how badly I wanted both. I would have drafted 3 playmakers on offense, I clearly win this year.


2011 Draft



Pouncey C


Daniel Thomas RB


Clyde Gates WR




Mark Ingram RB


Ryan Mallet QB

Chimdi Chekwa CB


2011 summary : can't complain with pouncey pick It was a toss up between him and Ingram, the Daniel Thomas pick was great, I liked it even before we saw what he could do on the field, I would have taken Mallet and traded up to get him if I had to. gates has done nothing and Chekwa is a marginal CB in Oakland. Ingram has been decent in New Orleans. Overall I think this year was a push.


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So This is what bothers me, these guys in the NFL try to outhink the room and get paid a lot of money to scout and make these selections, and a fan of the street like myself who is knowledgable about the game, could have done better or at least just as good. I know the draft can be a crapshoot and maybe here players wouldn't have developed to their current potential under dolphin coaching but it makes u think..... I'm curious as to who u guys( or girls ) would have taken or wanted, be honest! And who was a guy u thought was going to be awesome who turned out to be a complete dud, I was really high on Brandon Graham who has done nothing in Philly.


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Hot Girl faceplants at bikini contest.Epic Hot GIrl FAIL (original audio) Todays talent YOU cant do (via Patrickpickford)

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