The "Un-Official S4L Sweepstakes" Breakdown/Race


First: I don't advocate the Fins losing. Period. I still get grumpy, but, I no longer yell and break things.

Second: I know the players don't like losing either and they will not throw/tank a game. They have too much integrity for that.

Third: I have a lot of respect for Sparano and wish him well. Whether he goes now or later I give him credit for "trying". He could've done better with decisions, but, I am tired of his cookie cutter answers. Oh well.


The Field:

0's       Colts                0-8      

           Dolphins           0-7      

1's       Rams              1-6       #

           Cardinals         1-6       #

2's       Jaguars           2-6      

           Vikings            2-6       #

           Panthers          2-6       #

           Seahawks        2-5      

           Broncos           2-5       *

Not really in, but, for arguments sake: (We'd have to win 3. Right....)

3's       Browns            3-4       *                     

           Eagles            3-4       # @    

           Cowboys         3-4       # @

           Redskins         3-4          @

           Chiefs             3-3       # @     Pending tonight's game

* - Beat us - Advantage Fins!

# - Don't need to draft a QB. Already have their "Franchise" guy - Advantage Fins!

@ - We play later - Advantage Fins!

Breaking down the Numbers:

The 3's - All four of the teams we play later are in the playoff hunt. They're really not in our competition and the Browns beat us. We'd have to win 4 for them to get ahead. Unlikely. They'll all win at least 2-4 more at least.

The 2's - Of the 5 teams only 3 will be looking to upgrade at QB. The Broncos beat us so they're behind us leaving only the Jaguars and Seahawks as viable competition. We'd still have to win 3 to fall behind them. Unlikely, at this point and more likely they'll all win 2 or 3 more, to include the Broncos.

The 1's - Both teams have their "Franchise" guy and are not looking for a QB. Plus they still have to play each other twice. If they split, lower they go in the race. If one sweeps, only one to worry about. They'll probably both end up with about 3-5 wins. WAY out of our league.

The 0‘s - Only Indy has the potential to wins less than us. The quirks: they have Manning for the next 3-5 years (forgot his contract terms), but, could be looking for a successor. Will Luck want to sit that long?

The Facts (Maybe):

All this doesn't take into account trade scenarios. We might even pull out 2-3 wins. Even so, only Indy is our real foe here. We're almost a guarantee top 3 pick, worst case scenario. In that case, second QB to us should be Landry Jones or Griffin. I won't complain as long as we pick a QB!

My prediction:

Colts                1-15                 1st pick

Dolphins           2-14                 2nd pick


And on a parallel scale, GO COLTS!

Also, first post so take it for what it is. I don't mind criticism, it comes with being a fan...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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