It is getting hard to read anything past the good articles on here anymore.

To the Bashers ( you know who you are, oh wait, look below at the comments you will see them)

I am sick of the constant, and I am not talking about the just comments or light criticism of team, or the  players (and no one is spared), front office, owner broadcasters, person taking the ticket at the door, but the outright BASHING and DEMEANING of the these people.  I understand frustration but its getting to the point that I wish there was a button to shut it off.

If the guy who owns the team, has the money and wants to hire cheerleaders to play, he has that right, he has the money, you bashers on the other have dont so you have no say. 

Bashers would bash the team if we were 4-0.  I have seen very few positives coming from anyone including myself but I even have boundaries.  Most of the bashers on here do not.

For example, the long run on the screen pass was to whos side today, Koa Misi, that play would not have happened with him there.  Basher will write we need a Pass Rushing OLB, what, so this can happen more, more screens we cant handle, what I see we need are safeties.  Koa is an important part of the strong side D but bashers don't understand that, they think you should have up-field rushers on both sides sorry bashers that is now how it works.  But you wont hear that, what you will hear is the bashing of, let me name who has been bashed this year, Henne, Carey, Incognito, Columbo, Ireland, Sparano, Nolan, Marshall, Misi, Burnett, Wake, Bush, Bell, Nolan, Smith, Davis, the owner the offensive coordinator, the third cheerleader from the left, its disgusting, have some class Basher's and use some of that intelligence God gave you.  Should we criticize them for blowing a play, or for a bad game absolutely, but to say they outright suck, they should be off team trade them, hell, some of the guys have only been in the league for 2-3 years, you bashers want instant gratification and you want a team of superstars and you want it now, it doesn't happen like that, ask the Detroit Lions.

Brandon drops a few passes, trade him he sucks, Davis or Smith blow a coverage, our CBs suck get rid of them, Koa cant rush the passer, we need to replace him cause hey the world revolves around sacks, not the fact that teams don't run to that side or he can cover te and rbs, get rid of him cut him.  And no one is spared. NO ONE.

Yeah its time to retreat to my humble chair by myself and watch the games and wait for better times cause its just going to get worse, new coach picked, bashing will start, players are added more bashing, then oh the draft, best time for the bashers to show up.

Oh and by the way, No way should be promote Mike Nolan to HC, cause if we do and an elite coach comes available, Mike Nolan is not going to be happy going back to DC. 

We need safeties in a bad way, we need another inside LB, whether that is moving Koa inside or drafting one we need another guy there.  We need a good O line coach and some more athletic linemen.

Yes we need a new head coach and we need it now, he should not return after the bye week and we should bring in fisher or cowher now so they can evaluate for next year, waiting till the off season lets them evaluate what, film.  Do it now.

Is that bashing, could be construed that way, but at least it was tactful, intelligent, not just outright bashing players.  My 9 year old daughter who has a Henne jersey and used to wear it on Sundays when we go out to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game was reading over my shoulder at some posts and told me last Sunday, I do not want to wear my Dolphins Jersey this week Dad, we suck and Henne really sucks, I said why honey where did you hear that -I figured she was going to say school, she said cause all of the Dolphin fans on the site you read on say we do.  NICE.

Sorry just sick and tired of wasting my time reading it and as much as I would like to see it change I know it wont, so bashers let the post fly......Maybe I will come back and read.

Go Dolphins.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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