My first Dolphins game

Lured in by the good weather forecast, cheap ticket price, and the fact that Miami would be playing a team I thought they would beat, I arrived at Sun Life Stadium with a sack of beers and some hope.  It turned into a day of suprises, some great, some horrid.

Here are the good suprises:

1.  Watching a game in person is awesome.  Even the cheap seats are great- you can actually see the whole play unfold, without being subjected to the whims of the network cameramen.  You can see when coverage is good, and you can see when the QB misses guys who are open.  BUT- its a lot easier for us in the nosebleeds to see than it is for the QB who is on the ground surrounded by 6'5 guys trying to murder him.

2.  Not having to listen to a commentator is probably the greatest thing ever.  Pure bliss to watch football without having to hear classic gems such as "They're gonna have to put some points on the board if they want to win this thing".

3.  There are a LOT of attractive girls there.  Lots. 

The bad suprises are below the jump, and you could title this section "The Dolphins"

The Bad (The Dolpins)

1.  Who is responsible for the play calling?  Is it really Sparano, or is it Daboll?  Why do I, a complete dolt who was drunk enough to find every girl there attractive (man, they looked good) seem to grasp clock management better than guys who do this as a full time job? 

2.  And so we get to the calls that made no sense at all:
   a.  Virtually every timeout called was a head-scratcher.  Does Sparano know what timeouts are for? Seriously?  I don't think he does.  I think maybe he calls timeouts so the defense can get water.  There is an ebb and flow to football games that you get to see more clearly in person.  Things will be going our way, and then Sparano will inexplicably call a timeout, and you can see the opponents get composed and regain control. 
  b  After Denver's first TD, all Miami needed to do was run the clock down.  Just one or two first downs, and they still would have had the game.  They run it up the middle.  3 times.  It was during this time that I heard calls for Sparano's blood.  People were laughing- what else can you do? 
  c.  Taking a knee BEFORE GOING TO OVERTIME?  Who the hell does that?  Taking a freakin knee? 
  d.  The 2 point conversion, which everyone seems focused on.  Yeah, it wasn't a great call, but in the context of all the other stupid stuff I think its not nearly as bad.  Granted, its totally illogical when compared to how ridiculously conservative they were on the rest of the game. He goes for two- a very aggressive call, but then later on is content to run the ball up the middle over and over, take a knee, etc.
  e.  Tebow running in the 2-point conversion.  WE ALL KNEW IT!!!!  The Miami fans, the Tebow fans, we all knew he was gonna run it in.  How does this not get covered?

There was a very drunk man who was very sunburned and angry- he left and said he was gonna get Sparano.  If I was Tony I'd get out of town- this guy seemed pretty pissed.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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