It's the "system"...

Another week...another unbelieveable loss... I was actually  surprised... no really.

Our team is like a horrible fight gone wrong - the referee should stop this for the fans sake.

First - I broke my rule this year about NOT spending any more money on this horrible team, Ownership, coaching staff and Front Office. Yes - I bought a new BRANDON MARSHALL # 19 White jersey...and of course Marshall dropped his first pass of the day, going on, to be a minor factor in the game as usual... NO TD again.

but I'm not mad a Marshall... or the rest of our underachieving players.....because it's the system.  Tony S.  is just a terrible coach - again no halftime adjustments...from a man who would rather get Dan thomas his 20 carries (19) for less than 60's our "system".  We would rather run the ball - up the middle - for 2-3 yards per carry, while other teams try to actually SCORE TD's.  We throw "short" all the time... if its 3rd and 12, we will throw a 6 yard pass.  3rd and 6 ?  We throw a 3 yard pass.... !#$%%^#@!#

Sure - the OLINE Tony built is a joke as well.  Poor Moore had very little time all day - not that he is any good really.  He is nothing more than an average backup QB...

At this point - it's just like torture watching this coach, do the same thing over and over and over....Tebow was bad most of the game - but our great DEFENSE caved in with less than 5 minutes to play... WOW... Now some will say that the D-Line with our 7 sacks played well - does it matter when you completely fall apart with under 5 minutes to go ?  I think not.  also lets not forget the 2 missed FG's early by Denver.

I am not a TEBOW fan or a "hater" but he has more "will to win" than this entire team...that is clear.

Why was I cheering ?   I don't even know any the end - I just hope and pray that our idiot owner will fire Tony and be done with it.  The fans deserve better, the players deserve better (just barely) the NFL deserves better. We are a horrible joke of a team now - each week it gets worse.  Next up, we will start getting blown out by 24-30 points...just wait for it. 

I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS - and will not cheer for this... but at least we kept pace in the "suck for Luck" sweepstakes.... That's the only positive from this day's loss...


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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