OK OK You Win! My faith is officially broken. Can we at least win a few now?

Ok look, I don't post here often, but if you looked at my past couple of posts, you'd notice that I'm normally the annoyingly optimistic person. Before the start of the season, I was the fan defending Tony Sparano, defending the recent moves of the FO, and saying that we had the talent to still be a contender.

And boy was I horribly, terribly, absolutely, definitively, conclusively, unconditionally, brutally, vehemently WRONG.

My faith in the Dolphins has never been lower then it is right now. I have less faith in this 0-6 team then I ever had in 2007, even all the way up to 0-13.

I'm not even entirely sure if I'm watching the Miami Dolphins or the Miami FC. Is it even a football team out there?

Another thing you can see from my previous posts is that I believe in the intangibles. I believe in things like heart, drive, determination, work ethic, and want.

This team.... doesn't have ANY of those qualities. None. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Nil. Nix. Aught. Cero. Null. 

At least in 2007 we looked like we were trying, and just caught some bad breaks. At least in 2007 we knew we had talent and that this was a rebuilding year and the future was bright (which it was, 2008 AFC East Champs!).

But now... I'm starting to think I'm just going to have get used to losing. We're staring another few years of "rebuilding" right in the face. We all know a new Coach and GM is coming, that's about as obvious as Elton John's sexual orientation. And that likely also means losing Daboll and Nolan, which is a shame, because despite the performance of this year's defense, it would be hard to argue that Nolan is anything but one of the top defensive coordinators in this league. It's not his fault his players are completely giving up on him.

The team just looks like they aren't even trying. Like they don't care. They shrug off losses, rather then taking it personally. As we've heard from interviews, they are continuing to be lazy in practice, and there is zero motivation at all. It's downright depressing.

I'm not a "Suck for Luck" guy. At all. I think it's reprehensible to even think that way, because I believe in the integrity of the game. Without integrity, football is no better then boxing, and we all see the sad state of that sport now, don't we? The minute that anything resembling a "fixed" game can be proven, the NFL will see a massive drop in popularity. There's a reason every player in the NFL is acting like they are offended by it: Job Security.

However, I also want to somewhat support the guys in that crowd. I absolutely do not agree with them on any level, but I can't blame them either. It seems like our choices right now are drown in the depths of sorrow of what looks like is going to be at best a 2-14 season with no hope on the horizon, or at least cling to the one and only hope that is Andrew Luck. 

Doing things that are morally right, or that protect integrity, are never easy. Throwing integrity out the window for the Hope of a better future is just the easier path. We're human, it's hard to choose depression over hope no matter the cost.

Regardless, my faith in the Dolphins organization is now completely broken. Optimism can only stand strong in the storm of negativity for so long. I'm just getting myself used to the idea of an 0-16 season, and hoping that the Dolphins can provide at least a glimmer or two of hope sometime this year.

For the rest of the year, I'm just going to have to start rooting for my other favorite team. Whoever plays against the Jets. Because that's about the only football happiness I have left.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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