The End Is Always a New Beginning

Ok, 1st time poster. But I’ve been coming here since 2007. Have always wanted to chime in, but had never found the time. Until now.

I’ve been a fan of the Phins since 1985. & as I’m sure most of you have found lately, it’s been tough to see a silver lining or turn a leaf… or the other cheek for that matter… to have faith… embrace hope…. or find any sort of light out of this dark, suffocating tunnel. We’ve gone through some very lean years. & right now seems to be one of the bleakest times I can remember as a Phin Phan. That’s because we were all snowed into thinking this season was that proverbial step in the right direction. Hell, I was a homer after pre-season, & had 11 wins penciled in.

We had a returning top 6 defense, a new offensive system with new toys (Bush, Thomas, Gates, Clay), a take-charge Henne (who led player only offseason workouts earlier than any other team in the NFL). I mean, this is essentially the same team that beat the reigning Super Bowl Champion Packers & should have beaten the runner-up Steelers last year. So what the hell happened?

Ross sabotaged Sporano with his flirtation of Harbaugh. The defense has regressed in a major way. Seems we miss Crowder more than we thought we would. & even though Clemons didn’t cause turnovers, he negated the big plays we’ve been hemorrhaging. & other players like Taylor & Bell (past their prime) or Soliai & Burnett (not living up to contracts) are helping to make this one of the worst defenses in Dolphins history. The offense is no better. Though we have more weapons & to a lesser extent, more creativity in the play calling… it’s like ‘Groundhog Day’! We’re re-living this nightmare game after game by repeating the same mistakes. Great in between the 20s & abysmal in the red zone. I mean ‘5’ dropped TD passes from our Alpha receiver. The end zone has turned into some sort of impenetrable chastity belt.  

In regards to this Sunday’s game against Denver. If you think the Broncos are already all in to trash their season because they traded away Lloyd for a low draft pick, you didn’t see the tail end of their game against San Diego. Down 26-10 in the 2nd half, Tebow rallied the troops to within 5 points… 29 yards away… 1 second left & scrambled long enough to get the ball off & at least in the hands of his guy for a touchdown. The touchdown didn’t happen. But the ball was there. Don’t get me wrong, Tebow isn’t to be confused with Brady or Manning or Rodgers. But he has his team believing something our team doesn’t… that they can win.

I’m dreading a game where we’re going to celebrate a QB who is coming to OUR house trying to beat our beloved Dolphins. & what’s even worse is I think the players & coaches are dreading it too. Sunday could be ugly. Can you say mea culpa?

& Sucking for Luck is not an option. This team has some players. There is young talent here. But unless we want to blow this thing up & rebuild… yet again… these guys need to be playing for their NFL careers. If we intentionally ‘tank’ the season, which legit coach is going to want to come in & turn this mess around? They’ll want to ditch every quitter on the team. If we’re going to lose every game, which is a distinct possibility, we might as well go down swinging.

& forget about trading away what few assets we have after the season. Do you really think the players we covet are wanted by anybody from a team that has lost 8 straight? And have looked listless in doing so?

While we’re at it, Long needs to be put on IR. Past Dolphins have been put on it for less. The man is playing hurt. At this point, he isn’t saving any coach’s job. Shut him down for the year & save his career. We’ll need him for the next quarterback we bring in.

As for future coaching possibilities, let’s please once & for all, rule out Gruden. He’s with ESPN where he belongs. His only Super Bowl win was with Tony Dungy’s Bucs. He couldn’t replicate that success. & he’s never even sniffed at the prospect of nurturing a young quarterback. He likes to collect QBs like little girls collect dolls, so he can discard & replace.

& finally, in response to the ‘Nightmare Scenario’… I honestly don’t see us coaxing a victory from this schedule until that last game. & I don’t care if it means the Colts getting that #1 overall pick by us winning. In that situation, you ABSOLUTELY knock those sorry ass, self absorbed, buffoon led Jets out of playoff contention.

Next year… new coach, new QB, new hope. Unfortunately, it seems we say that every year. Oh well, a PhinPhan can dream.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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