Reggie Bush v Daniel Thomas last nite.

This is a statistical breakdown of the two running backs performance last nite. Bush had 9 carries for 71 yards in the first half, but he didn't touch that ball in the redzone, while Thomas got 5 carries within the Jets 20 yard line for 9 yards total. 5 carries for a rookie in the redzone on Nationally televised Monday night football. While the guy you signed in the off season, that you said was gonna be your feature back, that was supposed to add scoring to the team, that was your big sexy pick up of the year to change they dynamic of the offense, Reggie Bush has been given the ball a grand total of 5 times in 5 games in the redzone and he has scored on 1 of them! That is 5 times total all year, for a guy who, we have all seen the commercial, flew in from the 6 yard line.

He might not be an every down, up the middle back, but don't tell me he is not a redzone animal. He can beat folks to the outside and get that 1 or 2 yards easy. Its when he forces himself to run between the tackles where he doesn't get much yardage. He can't break tackles from bigger linebackers, but he can juke the pants off them and run around them.  He always had a knack for getting in the endzone, while our Super Mario head coach thinks otherwise. He needs to go back to fixing plumbing problems instead of running a football team.  How can you constantly be content with field goals. Can you imagine Bill Bellichik clapping up a storm when they get shut down within the 10 yard line for a second time in a row screaming "Good drive, good drive."  Hell no, a field goal is pretty much a displaced punt. A failure to get in the endzone. A failure of your offense to get 10 yards. A failure to get 6 points. The worst part is, that a FG is just an attempt, its not even an automatic 3 points. There are times where its fourth and 1 and you figure lets just get the points rather than go for it, and you don't realize at that moment that you are risking 1 yard for risking a missed field goal. Sometimes it makes more sense to be aggressive in the redzone, the worst that would happen is opposing team has bad field position, which is something most defenses would love to have anyways.  Thomas carries in the redzone go as follows 5,3,0,3,-2. This was all in the first half.  Reggie had 9 carries for 71, while Thomas had 10 for 25 yrds. Now who should have been getting the ball in the redzone?? Second half Bush got one rush, where he ran hard, and got a stinger. He came back in a couple series later. No catches or rushes later, they lose the game. If Miami ever wants to win a game, perhaps it should stop settling for field goals and give the ball to Reggie in the dam red zone.



Daniel Thomas- Rushes: first half / second half

1,5,3,0,2,5,3,-2,3,5,  /   1,15,2,5,1,

Reggie Bush Rushes:

36,5,11,3, 2,4,-2,9,3,   /  0


other stupid plays:

1)Matt Moore taking a 7 yard loss instead of throwing the ball away, has he every played football before, my college coach would have towel choked me at half time for that crap.

2)Marshall-) running out of bounds for some reason, cant stay in bounds with no one around you

3) Moor missing a wide open receiver in the endzone, i mean wide freaking open. Also on 3rd down of opening drive. I mean no one within 30 yards wide open.

4)Coach Sporano's praise of Field goals makes me wanna slap myself.

5)Hartline drop on 3rd down, and his unneccessary fall to the ground on the deep play where he fell out of bounds.


I am really starting to hate my life, i just slapped my 5 yr old for no freakin reason. SMH.

sidenote look up "IF NFL TEAMS WERE CHICKS"... read the MIAMI chick wow, exactly.

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