Franchise QBs?.?.?

In another post I asked what is a franchise QB, this is the response I got.   Franchise QB....

 Franchise QB—- NON Websters Edition

He is a QB that when the game is on the line everyone on the team knows they have a chance to win. He is a QB that wants the game in his hands. He is the MAN that can break an opponents back with one toss of the ball. He is a leader. He is highly accurate with his short and medium routes. He is above average/good on deep routes. He has high intelligents/Football Smarts. Franchise QBs are winners. They dont except failure. They have pocket presense. Footwork and throwing motions can be tweaked. Most of all a Franchise QB has to have a Killer’s Instinct.


While I can see what he is saying and agree with alot of it I would just like for people to realize a few things please..

Franchise QBs are far and beyond drafted. In all honesty they are not found until mostly after 4 years of league play. Lets take a look further at what I mean.


Mike Vick, Brees, Rodgers, Peyton, Eli, Tim Tebow, Brady Quinn, vince Y, Matt Leinhart, Jay Cutler, Alex Smith, McCoy, Stafford, Bradford all are supposed to be the franchise players along with others BUT how many of those came out the gates winning just like that?

Only 1 person I can remember Ben R came in winning big time. But lets look at this. All with the exeption of Vick, because he would still be in ATL if it wasnt for the legal troubles, have been traded from the original team that drafted them (except the majority of the young guys) Matt had Luck college numbers and had 2 of the best WR tandem in the league but couldnt get it done, Quinn couldnt beat out people in cleveland and is traded, Tim (even though its biased but I like Tebow) is 3rd or 4th string behind Orton, Vince has a winning % as a starter but was given up, Jay was supposed to be the man in Denver with a stronger arm than Elway he was traded and had a good season in Chi, Alex has all the front office behind him and is mediocre with a talented team. Stafford was injury prone behind a offensive line but it was made better and he looks good, Bradford needs help out there, Peyton is good in the regular season but look at his playoff stats, Eli? They were ready to ship him out of NY and he was never mentioned to be in the league of the Elite but he gets it done (along with the D) Brees was LET GO, not traded, he was a free agent after looking mediocre in SD for so long until his final few years there.

And as far as Sanchez is concerned-look at his real stats, look at his QB ratings, look at his ints this year and last year but he is in an offense where he can open it up and throw the ball but I guarantee you he will not win the big one at all and if he does Rex probably wont be there or he wont be.

2 points I want to make as far as system over the QB I want to point out is this, look at McNabb, he looked good in Philly just throwing deep routes to people off playaction passes, passes to Westbrook and put up magical "fantasy stats" and for years was considered an elite franchise QB but I told people around me he was not accurate and a product of the sytem he ran, they traded him "in house" to Washington and that lasted how long, McNabb  is just not a good QB his system made him look better than he is.

Matt Cassell-11-5 in NE when the supposed NFL posterboy went down and put up those same type numbers, is he a franchise QB?? Do you build a team around him?? It was that WR rub off screens they were doing that people were wide open.

I can go on and on and on but I think you get the point.

While winning superbowls should be the main thing but winning games consistantly is what a franchise QB should do, BUT and please understand you need the right system to help that QB out.

Cam has came in and is doing all to try to win but, he has no running game now and he has no WR besides Smith really and they are not winning, but you can build around him if you have the right system in place.

We had a conservative QB here before in Whinny and history is repeating itself with the same type of coach we had here. I would rather use my draft pick on a closer to sure thing than a crap shoot, I think Henne showed he has made the necessary adjustments to get better, he was on pace to throw for over 3K yards,  I dont think its time to give up on him yet, I would hate to lose him to another team  just to see him show what he can really do in a better open system. I still think if we let him go he goes to SF and I would hate to see that, Crabtree, Edwards and TGJ reunions, with a TE  like Davis and RB like Gore....They would win that division hands down.

But lets use 1st round on RT. Give this team a good backbone of the O line in the 3 main spots and you can fill in the guard position. RT, LT and C should be immediate linemen positions.  IF we do go for Luck then get a RT with the next pick and a TE but I think Henne should have a chance under a new QB, I would even go with draft luck and resign Henne to a 1 or 2 year deal under the new regime and let him battle in a new system.

But be very careful in what you ask for in a francise QB because Luck likes to run the ball and you look at all the scrambling QBs and see they get injured often and then when/if Luck goes down who or what are you going to blame for the injury "THE O LINE SHOULD HAVE BLOCKED BETTER SO HE WOULDNT HAVE TO RUN". Do you draft someone that you know has a higher possibility to get hurt?

Thanks for reading and hope you understand where I am coming from in this.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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