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Tony Sporano is coming back so lets put that botched mess behind us and start talking about the future. Like many of you I was outraged by the play calling last year and would love to bring in an offensive mind that plays to win instead of not to lose! So here are some of the names I hear that are out there and I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on who should be our next OC

In no particular order:

John Garrett - Cowboys tight ends coach and brother of new Cowboys coach Jason Garrett. Worked with Tony and Jeff in Dallas but thats just about all I know about him. I want someone with experience so I would have to say no thanks

Josh McDaniels- Ex Broncos head coach and considered an offensive guru but I can not see this happening because of how valuable Nolan and Marshall are for our future

Brad Childress - Ex Vikes head coach and former Eagles OC who helped shape a young McNabb. I dont recall the Eagles ever being a good rushing team under his watch and not sure about how his style will mesh with our team but we do have a solid group of Wrs that would thrive in a pass heavy attack. Not a bad option but I dont think he has any connections to the current staff so probably a long shot

Mike Shula - Last name alone would make him an instant fan favorite but I dont remember him leaving on the best of terms during the Cam disaster so once again probably not an option

Russ Grimm - Seams to be a mirror of Sparano but with deep Cowher ties. I think we need more of a QB coach with a fresh mind than another offensive line guy

Bill Musgrave - Assistant head coach and QB coach for the Falcons and is considered a key figure in shaping Matt Ryan. He has no ties to the front office but has a great record of developing Qbs: Vick, Schaub, and Ryan

Maurice Carthon - Assistant head coach of the Chiefs and former OC for Lions, Cowboys, and Browns. Interviewed for the job before the Phins went with Henning so has experience and is also a Parcells disciple

Chris Palmer - Head coach of Colonials in UFL but was a QB coach under Parcells in Dallas so has ties to the front office. I dont know much about his offensive philosophy but has ties to Conn like Sparano and cant be worse than Henning...could he?

Rob Chudzinski - Assistant head coach of the Chargers, former OC of the Browns and former Hurricane. He has fans in the area due to his Miami U ties and if the Phins offense could look anything like the dynamic Chargers team we would all be very happy

Karl Dorrell -  WR coach for the Dolphins and has done good work with our receivers but I think we need to bring someone in from the outside and could bring some life to this team PR wise and on the field

Jimmy Raye - ex OC for the 49ers but just as old and boring as Henning so I hope we dont even have him on the radar 

Paul Chryst - OC at Wisconsin who is one of the hot names in college. Has no ties to the current staff (might be a good thing bc I only trust Nolan right now) but is primed to head back to the NFL. Not much experience at the pro level besides being a TE coach for the Chargers and 'The Bull" could def use some coaching and would be a fresh face

Hue Jackson - OC for the Raiders and probably thier next HC

Mike Mularkey - OC for the Falcons and wont take a lateral move to come back and even if he does I dont want him back

Jon Gruden, Jim Fassel, and Brian Billick - All ex NFL coaches and dont think any will be looking for an OC job 

Thats all the names I have heard about or can think about but please add some more in the comments if I have missed any. Right now I do not see any clear cut favorites or any that really jump off the page at me but one thing that would be cool is to see CP10 as our QB coach if he cant return as a player

Enjoy the games today! I can still can not believe that time out that the Colts took last night and I know Payton could not understand it either.....I wouldnt be surprized if Caldwell loses his job for that non sense because the clock is ticking for the Manning and the Colts. Living in NYC and being from NJ I would have really enjoyed seeing Rex Ryan cry again and finally shut his fat mouth! Yeah got a little sidetracked ...OC search hahhaa

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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