Last word on Harbaugh/Sparano (from me at least)

So this whole week, unless you were living in a cave somewhere on the other side of the globe, and were not able to hear or read any football news, we were, and still are the laughing stock of the NFL.  Well maybe, just maybe we should all be laughing at Harbaugh...I'll explain.

In my head coach, i want a person of high character.  Someone that is not affraid to roll his sleeves up and get dirty.  A person that is not affraid of competition, rather seeks it out.  So when i found out that we were retaining the services of Sparano, i was pretty happy about it.  Now i know most here will not agree with me, but let me finish before you cast me off the Island.

Harbaugh could have had three options in my opinion.  He could have chosen to go back to Stanford, and contend for a national championship with his boy wonder Luck.  He could have made his legacy there, and then pretty much commanded whatever he wanted, and possible been a package deal with Luck next year, when Luck finally enters the draft.

He could have come to South Florida, and tried to revamp this putrid offense, and re-invigorate a fan bas that has been burned, and scorned over the past few years.  He could have helped turn things around, and build new rivalries with the likes of Bellichek, Ryan, and whoever coaches the Bills(I know it's Chan Gailey).  He could have been the highest paid coach in the NFL.  He could have said that he  wantes the challenge of going in and cleaning up the mess in Miami, and build his resume, similar to what his brother had done in Baltimore.

Or, he could have done exactly what he did, and taken the easy way out by signing with the Niners.  He talked in his presser about the "Great Team", and management they have in place.  He also mentioned the level of competion in the division, and how that was another factor in his decision....HUH????  Did i miss something?  Competition?  If you want that my friend, you would have come to South Beach, and went against two playoff teams twice a year.  You think the Niners are better than the Dolphins?  We had more wins with an inept QB, and a dinosaur for an OC.  We play against the cream of the crop :(although it pains me to is true).  Instead, you tucked your tail between your legs, and took the easy way out.

Which brings me to Sparano.  I know we have all cried for change, including myself.  But, in the face of adversity, and the players calling him out, and the uncertainty of his job, Sparano went about things in a business as usual fashion, and in the end, got what he wanted.  An apology, a raise, an extension, and the support of his players.  That is the coach i want.  The Offense can be fixed.  The two-minute offense can be tweaked and adjusted.  We can find a new QB.  What i want is someone not affraid to mix it up with anyone on the other sideline.  Does Sparano need to adjust his coaching style?  Of course, but he himself admitted that.  I do give Ross credit for saying, and doing the right thing, even after this circus took place.

But can we all of us here, put the negative aside, support our team like we always have, and will, and hopefully go out and kick some Goddamn ass next year?  Who knows?  Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised come next September.  If not, at least we know that our owner has the pockets-maybe not the brains to do what is necessary.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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