Who Made that Pick?

The Big O  on 640 am down here in S. Florida had a great show discusing WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE PICKS and some other decisions this FO has made. Check out  audio for date 1-7-11-BIG-O-SHOW-HR-3      ( real good 30 mins in)    Apparently more info will be coming soon hopefully 

Who made that pick?


Dan Carpenter:Steve Haufman (fired by Bill Parcells in Dallas and Miami) who is now the ST coach in Kansas City

Bobby Carpenter:Jeff Ireland 2x (Dallas and Miami)

Pat White : David Lee's pick that he swore he could fix mechanics etc.which got Henning Intrigued  about him as a weapon to add to the offense not a QB (thats not a good look) and Parcels bought into it but Ireland had to be convinced

Chad Henne: David Lee/Dan Henning led the way in regards to Henne's pick,development, and if you think about it his benching also. Bill Parcels, and  Ireland also truly thought they could make him a starting QB

Devone Bess:Adam Engraf "West Coast Scout"

Pat Turner: All Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland. Henning and Dorrel not interested

Koa Misi: Ireland actually thought outside the box on this one. not bad so far with that pick.


With all the crap going on here you have to give props to Sporano whether you like him or not for doing the best he could with the talent evaluation and foolishness surrounding him. He had little or no influence in personnel decisions before now from what I understand and now is getting more say after Harbaugh-gate. I don't know if you were in a coaching situation like Sporano that you might not want to" Fist Pump" after a kick  when your dealing with an OC like Henning, QB coach  like Lee, and a GM like Ireland. This is our offense guys, just thank Parcels for this regime and it's thought process..

Bill Parcels once said something to the extent of  "If you want me to cook dinner at least let me buy the groceries!" Correct me if i am wrong but you know what i mean. He obviously believed that he was a special case.  We all know the infamous "Was your mother a prostitute question?" If we had another GM does that happen and even so, do we still pass on Dez Bryant? It is what it is but don't tell me what it ain't. I have no clue why Ross would choose Ireland/Peterson over Cowher. Even after understanding that he would not talk/negotiate while another coach was still in Ross would not let Tony go immediately.

Matty I , and I am sure a number of us here could make better decisions than these idiots, but i guess thats why they make the big money and we don't. What good would it have been for Tony to throw anybody under the bus here? Whether you like Sporano or not we cant ignore that the biggest problems here for our Dolphins starts at the top not the bottom. We need a change in the worst way and if I had only one choice then Ireland would be on his way out since owners don't fire themselves. Am I a Sporano apologist trying to make a great case for him? No, I just wanted to put some things out in the air so my Phinsider Family can enjoy and discuss. 


Sorry for not getting all my thoughts better organized but i couldn't sleep without saying something about our Dolphins... and for the record guys this is my first FanPost so go easy on me LOL. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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