Am I the only one that is really getting nervous about next season?

As the days have passed since our last game this past Sunday, I am getting a very nervous feeling about our next season already. How can one team drive you that crazy a few days into their off-season? Here are a few reasons why I am already not exicted about the upcoming season:

Head Coach Issues:

I am getting a feeling that ownership is just appeasing the fan base by looking into coaches like Cowher, Gruden, etc....  I think they know they are going to give Sparano one more year to turn around the ship. However going through this process of making Sparano sit around while they (ownership) make it look like they are looking for a viable replacement, not only destroys his confidence in how he views ownerships feelings towards him but also it makes the players start to question him as well. 

We already see that the players are starting to jump off the Sparano ship. The majority of fans would like to see change as well. So with ownership, the players, the media and the fans questioning Sparano and Jeff Ireland how will they react if given 1 year to right the ship?  I do not want to see any drastic trades or desperation moves. We need to continue to build the talent we have. I have a feeling they could make a bold move or two that could put us even farther behind the eight ball.


Quarterback Issues:

Our quarterback play is well documented at this point. News update - Chad Henne is not going anywhere. Tyler Thigpen may go. I think he might not be back after the news of Marshall and him changing plays called in. Regardless, it doesn't matter. Even if we draft a QB in the 1st or 3rd round in this year's draft Chad Henne is going to be the guy. I want to like Henne but his inconsistency, decision making skills and confidence do not inspire me that he is ever going to be anything better than a serviceable backup in this league. Tyler Thigpen is not the answer! Period. Do I like him as my backup? Yes. I think he makes a good back up QB but he will never be more than that.

The only option that I like that is out there right now is Kyle Orton. I think he is a solid NFL QB. Would he make you forget Dan Marino's glory days. No but he would be an upgrade over what we have today. However what would we need to pay to get him. I do not think I want to pay the price.

So we are left with Henne. Ugh. I can't take another season of watching him.


Runningback Issues:

Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown could be both gone. This I am fine with. I have been a fan of both and I still like both players. However their better days are past them. Williams turns the ball over more than I like. Brown is too hestitant and waits to long for the play to develop. I hate drafting RBs in the 1st round. I do not want Mark Ingram. He isn't the answer either.

Where do we turn?


Offensive Line:

Jake Long is a STUD! Vernon Carey is average at best. We overpaid to keep him here. I like Incognito and think that he can be a decent lineman moving forward for us but we have way too much need  in the interior line. Even if we trade down and select Pouncey in the 1st round that will not immedately help our issues.


So to end my thoughts I think if Sparano does not go we are in for a worse result than the 7-9 record we saw this year. We will be watching the same thing as we did this year. Sparano standing on the sidelines poorly managing time and playing for field goals. Henne making poor decisions and throwing way too many picks. No push from our offensive line at all during the running game.

The only thing keeping me with hope is our Defense! Sign McDaniel and Soliai quickly.



If we don't change next year will be worse for us. A new regime might be able to change some things but don't expect much better results but at least there will be hope.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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