Semi-Organized Chaos (Take 2)...

I'm getting a little lazy.  My post last week, which involved random musings with very little linear correlation, spoiled me.  It was easier than trying to link all my thoughts into one package.  So today, I'm going to continue in the same vein and just throw things out there in the same rapid fire fashion.

- I support the hiring of a new head coach.  I've been pretty clear on that.  However, I really don't want the decision being based on the comments of one Ricky Williams.  I know alot of you love the guy.  And I have forgiven him (mostly) for his antics earlier in his Dolphins career.  I have not forgotten them though.  And to be quite honest, I have never been completely sure why so many of you have this undying love for the man.  He, single-handedly, ruined (at least) one season for this team, and he has always been a bit, umm, "out-there".  So forgive me if I don't necessarily buy that he has his finger on the pulse of the majority of the players on the team.  Keep in mind, future leaders of this team, like Wake and Vontae Davis, have come out in support of Sparano, so let's not use #34 as the tell-tale sign of a sinking ship.  Has it occurred to anyone else that Ricky is a free agent, looking for another contract?  So is it possible that he is a little peeved at the current regime for his lack of carries this year?  He knows damn-well that his lack of carries will lessen any leverage at the bargaining table, no matter what team he is sitting across from.  ...

-  I have read in a few posts around here that even though Chad Henne had some really poor games this year, we should all remember that he has had "some great games" as well.  Ummm, OK.  Where was I when those games happened?  I can't think of one "great" game the guy had this year.  He was good at Oakland, and before he got hurt, he was pretty good in the Tennessee game.  Other than that, every other game ranged from mediocre, to downright awful.  Maybe I'm not paying attention.  Or maybe we just disagree on the definition of "great"...

-  Quick note to Jason Taylor:  You don't play here anymore, so shut your mouth, and go continue to be a non-factor for the goddamn Jets, OK?

-  Adam Schefter told ESPN radio this morning that if Carolina is willing to trade the first overall pick, and Luck declares eligible, that it would take three first round picks to get them to give it up.  My first thought?  Wow, too steep.  Then I looked into it.  Here are our first round picks for the past 15 years, working backward:

2010 Jared Odrick

2009 Vontae Davis

2008 Jake Long

2007 Ted Ginn, Jr. (and family)

2006 Jason Allen

2005 Ronnie Brown

2004 Vernon Carey

2003 No Pick

2002 No Pick

2001 Jamar Fletcher

2000 No Pick

1999 No Pick

1998 John Avery

1997 Daryl Gardener

1996 Billy Milner

After looking at this list, I realized I would happily give up our next three first rounders for the closest thing to a sure-fire franchise QB the league has seen since Peyton entered the league.  Why are we so afraid of giving up first round picks?  Of the last  6 picks, three of them didn't even play for the team for most of the year ( Jason Allen, Jared Odrick, Ted Ginn).  And one is commonly referred to as a "bust" all over this site (Brown).  We need a QB.....Badly.  And with our track record of first round selections, we may be better off not having one at all...

- Chicken-shit move of the week:  Im going to throw two words out there, and then run away like a scared schoolgirl.  I don't know quite yet how I feel about this, but I am VERY interested in how you guys respond to it.  So, here goes:  Plaxico Burress...

-  Am I the only one who finds it a little unsettling that Dan Henning still works for the team?  I don't know why, but I would have been much more comfortable if he "retired" first thing Monday morning.  I figured, in a last-ditch effort to save their jobs, Ireland and Sparano would have dealt with him immediately, and I'm just a little uncomfortable that it hasn't happened yet...

-  You were absolutely right Matty.  Trust no one in the media.  No one.  Everyone has "sources".  Everyone has "insider information".  In the last three days, I have heard that Sparano is definitly gone.  I have heard that Ross is definitly keeping Sparano and Ireland.  I have heard that they were close to a deal with Cowher, Gruden and Harbaugh. I have heard that all three coaches were definitly not coming to Miami. All had "sources".  I have tuned everything out, and I am just waiting around to see what actually happens.  I am through chasing every hack writer with inside knowledge of the situation.  It's all bullshit...

-  I still like the idea of Jeff Fisher.  I know he still has a job, as of right now, but I like him...Just sayin'...

-  We all knew what Brandon Marshall was when we traded for him.  Big-time talent.  Big-time mouth.  It is what it is.  So everyone relax.  He is a competitor, he will play hard no matter who the QB is next year.  (And after all, he's right about Henne, isn't he?)  I mean, I don't love that he is running his mouth, but you just can't be shocked.  And it doesn't mean he is becoming some sort of cancer.  As Red Sox fans use to say, "It's just Manny being Manny."...

-  Alot is being said about FA running backs (Michael Bush, Ahmad Bradshaw, Deangelo Williams).  Why are we incapable of drafting a quality starting RB in the mid-rounds, like so many other teams have been able to do?  I would really like a young RB, with fresh legs and speed.  Not a guy with injuries in his past that is on the backside of his career.  They would probably be pretty expensive anyway...

OK fellas, lets hear what you have to say...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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