It is what it is .........

It is what it is ............

While the fate of the front office and coaching staff will come down soon I wanted to put my 2 cents in about the direction I would like this team to take.  I for one would prefer to see Sparano stay although I would not be very disapointed if he got fired,  it is what it is and the Dolphins didn't live up to expectations this season.   If heads have to roll because of it I can understand the logic although I would prefer not to be so.  

On the positive side of things our defense is young and talented.  We pretty much have everyone locked up for next season so I would be for resigning the big man Soliai and seeing how we do ... this is under the notion that Nolan is back,  because if a new defense is put in place we may have a lot more needs than we know of. 

The problem of the offense is complex and I'm sure matty will break it all down in the up coming months but like I said before here are my 2 cents ... okay maybe more than 2

1. Retool the offensive line ... AGAIN!!!!

The only difference I think would be needed this time is to actually get some real talent and not backups or putting in rookies or FAs in new positions and have it set and ready to go by OTAs.   The amount of talent is endless in FA and where we pick in the draft,  the only real problem is what the real CBA will look like and how that will change the FA landscape. 

Possible FA's - Logan Mankins, Carl Nicks, Ryan Kalil, Daryn Colledge, Justin Blalock, Harvey Dahl, David Bass

Possible Draft Picks= Mike Pouncey, Rodney Hudson, Orlando Franklin 

 I would want one FA from the list above, the resigning of Incognito and either a 1st or 3rd round pick used on the line.  Also I would prefer if we moved John Jerry back to RT and groom him to replace Carey,   this would save guard any potential injuries plus it would give us the opportunity to drop Carey and his contract if Jerry performed well enough or Carey got injured again. 

2. Get some playmakers aka Increase Team Speed ...

The Dolphins simply lack break away speed,  they can pound you into the ground and 5 yrd incrments but never truly bust a run or they can take a slant 8 yards but never 80.    This problem is also made worse by the terrible blocking and poor ball location on throws but overall speed is a problem.   Once again there is some incredible talent avaiable in both WR and RB positions in the FA class.   

Possible RB FA's - Deangelo Williams, Cedric Benson, Leon Washington, Amhad Bradshaw 

Possible WR FA's - Santonio Holmes, Bryalon Edwards, Malcom Floyd, Vincent Jackson, Sidney Rice, Steve Breston  

Possible TE FA's - Owen Daniels, Marcedes Lewis, Zach Miller

Overall RB is probably the most pressing need as R & R could also be put on the FA list.  If I were to have it my way we would find a way to get Leon Washington, he provides speed in 3rd down situations and there isn't much better out there in the kick return area.  With regards to a feature back I would be happy getting Ronnie back or picking up someone like Williams or Benson or drafting Ingram. 

The next major area of concern is TE,  while I like Fasano he needs a partner in crime who can actually create a bit more trouble for defenses ... my favorite would be Lewis but wouldn't mind seeing Daniels or Miller.  This draft doesn't really have a high end prospect so getting someone in 3rd or 4th maybe an option as well. 

Our current WR group is a little puzzling to say the least.  We have high end talent with Marshall and Bess and Hartline has shown that he can play yet none of these players have the ablility to take it to the house and that is why another WR will have to be added to the roster.  I like Edwards a lot as he has made some amazing plays and has top end talent and can take it to the house,  not to mention he is probably the only player who will be availble who is on the current list.  Overall I also like the potential of Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace therefore I think drafting a WR would seem pointless and redunant. 


3.  The Elephant in the Room .... QB !!!!!

This is the most important yet I still feel pretty confident in our options.  While there is next to nothing in FA there are some good posibilities in possible trades and drafting. 

Possible FA's - Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, Alex Smith, Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick

Possible Trades - Kyle Orton, Kevin Kolb

Draft - Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Blaine Gabbert

So lets be honest the FA list is pretty much a joke and the funny part is how the all of those QB's where first round picks.  Michael Vick would be amazing but I just don't see how he could leave Philly and if he did I for one would be very happy to welcome him to Miami.  The other options that are more likely is trade .. I would prefer Orton over Kolb as Orton has shown overtime he can play where Kolb to me has an AJ Feely look to him and his compansation would be significantly higher. 

The best option in most peoples option is the draft simply because of the unknown .. could we get the next Dan Marino???  I for one am actually hoping for a QB in the first if one is available and if so I would also like to keep Henne on as QB and make the rookie work for his spot,  also you never know,  Henne could start and change overnight a la Drew Brees and then we could tag him and trade him a la Matt Cassel and get a decent pick for his service and than our draft pick turns out to be amazing a la Phillip Rivers ... I can dream right haha


4. The OC

We all know the OC has to go and hopefully along with it any play-action fake on 3rd and long.   My fingers are crossed for McDaniels because of his ability to get the most out of the talent around him, espcially at the QB position.  Will this rub Marshall and Nolan the wrong way .. probably but Marshall knows his offenses work and that alone might be albe to make it work.  With Nolan I think he would care simply because he is just another coach,  they wouldn't have to report to one another .... plus they would just try and rip eachother apart at practice bringing the best out of eachother therefore the best out of the Dolphins,  sounds like fun to me !!!  

Really anyone will do but I like to dream big .. if we get a new coach they will bring in there own OC as well. 


In conclusion you can see that the pieces that the offense lacks can be addressed with anywhere from 2-6 FA signings and a whole slew of draft picks with also the possibilty of a trade for a QB.  It may seem like a lot and to get everything in one offseason maybe a little hopefull at best. 

The real question most of us need to ask is can we get into the top 15 in offense to help out our defense and stop turning the ball over ... that to me isn't to much to ask

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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