Phinatic Warchant Episode 1

I never know what to put in the title. In this post I will like everyone else be disecting the state of the dolphins and determine who we should take or what I think will happen.

First off Chad Henne will probably be our starting QB next year. I do believe Ireland, Ross, Sparano know the feelings of the Phination however they will not use a first round or even second round pick for a QB (imo). "Well, I like Chad Henne. I think Chad Henne's done some nice things since he's been here. Obviously, we drafted him three years ago. He's made progress. I would tell Chad, and I would tell everybody else that the progress hasn't been as fast as we all would like, but he knows that and he knows there's some things we can do to help him and there's some things he can do to help himself obviously, you know, but that is where we're at right now. We brought in a new offensive staff to try to accentuate some of the positives that Chad Henne has, and Chad Henne right now, he's our quarterback. And until that changes, we have to do everything in our power to help Chad Henne." That was an interview with Joe Rose. Look Ross is a Michigan guy Henne is a Michigan guy they are going to sink or swim with Henne. Now saying all that I do beleive they will draft a guy (to appease the fans) and have it be a battle for the position however Henne will have EVERY OPPURTUNITY POSSIBLE to be the starter and unless he sucks it up will be.

R & R Derailed Express: Ronnie I believe will be priority over Ricky. Ricky burnt his bridges, Ronnie is heavy in the community good guy won't ask for much. Ronnie Returns Ricky is gone. Do we draft a RB? Kory Sheets could possibly come back adn run opposite Ronnie I believe we draft a RB deep in the draft.

OLINE: We will draft offense heavy (will be foolish do think we won't draft a LB or DB tho) but we will draft alot of OLINE and expect it to be people who can play multi positions on the line.

Now to our featured presentation. This is how I think our draft will look.... sort of.

SeminolePhinatics Way To Early Mock Draft:

Pick #15 of the NFL draft the Miami Dolphins trade down with Dener swap 1st Rd pick  for Rd 2 (Pick 2) - Rd3 (Pick 3).

Round 2 Pick 2 of the NFL Draft - Rodney Hudson OG Florida State 6'2 291Lbs

Round 3 Pick 3 of the NFL Draft - Titus Young WR Boise State 5'11 174LBS 4.43 Speed.

Round 3 Pick 15 of the NFL Draft- Joseph Barksdale OT LSU 6'5 336lbs (Played Left Tackle this year but has played Right in years past)

Round 4 Pick 14 of the NFL Draft- Greg McElroy QB Alabama 6'2 222lbs There is minium risk  for the kid and some feel (even on here) that he could uproot Henne at QB.  With Dabol coming this is like a Colt McCoy pick. (McElroy demonstrated the ability to drive the ball downfield while at Auburn and showed the same ability to surprise defenders with just enough zip to fit passes through closing spaces. Another aspect that is sure to impress scouts about McElroy is his ability to do the little things correctly. McElroy was able to move the South's safeties with his eyes and an effective pump-fake, creating wider throwing avenues to exploit. )

Round 5 Pick 15 of the NFL Draft- Chyke Brown DB Texas 6'0 194lbs 4.4 Speed.

Round 6 Pick 14 of the NFL Draft- Dion Lewis RB Pittsburgh 5'7 195lbs 4.5 Speed. Eclipsed LeSean McCoy for alltime rush leader at Pitt.

Round 7 Pick 14 of the NFL Draft-  Kevin Kowalski C Toledo 6'3 300lbs.

Round 7 Pick 15 of the NFL Draft- Quentin Davie OLB Northwestern 6'4 230lbs 4.6 Speed.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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