Offseason musings

Thought I'd try to throw my own thoughts on the state of the Dolphins into the mix.


Lots of talk, plane rides, tweets, speculation, anger, rage, name calling.... and two contract extensions.

So nothing really happened. It's my view that a lot of fuss was made over not much. I don't agree with the conclusions drawn about the embarrassing state of affairs, or the 'obvious' interpretation about body language etc.

I may be proved wrong, but all in all, I think we kept a solid foundation. I think that both Ireland and Sparano are good at their jobs, and while I can accept people thinking there might be better available, I can't accept the suggestion that either one is terrible, or that it's a disaster to have either at the club.


The offense was bad, we all saw it. Henne disappointed me, and many others.

Having said that, I saw Henne doing some things well, and statistically speaking he is not so bad. therefore I can envision a situation in which he plays to his strengths and the offense improves. By which I mean, we could choose not to pick a 1st round QB, and the world will keep turning.

We have players on offense that suggest we need a tweak rather than an overhaul to bring more success, perhaps not a revamped exciting powerhouse, but win more games.

Bearing these things in mind, adding to our offense in the draft could really go in any direction, and we'd have the potential of being significantly better.



Obviously played very well for Nolan, but I wouldn't be against adding to it for more competition and try and make sure it keeps the good work up.

With Merling and Odrick coming back, the defensive line currently looks the deepest area in the team, and maybe a trade might happen from here if re can re-sign those players with contracts up. Langford and Starks seem the most likely candidates.


So overall, we are in fair shape, as 7-9 would suggest. We have a solid foundation of youth and talent on defense, and pieces of the puzzle on offense. I think we can get really excited about this draft, because it doesn't seem too much to get some help opening a running lane with Jake Long, or buying an extra second to get the ball to Marshall or Bess. To have someone stretch the field, or make big gains off a screen pass.

Next season will be a good season.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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