Miami Dolphins 2011-2012 team needs. Trying to be objective here.

First of all let's all take a deep breath and really think about what we need given our performance last year.  Let's begin by looking at the defense.  We had an all around solid defense statistically I believe it was top five but I'll say all in all we had a top ten defense. 

We drafted Odrick last year in Round 1.  Not an awful pick I wanted something more flashy but I always want something more flashy.  Since he was injured for most of the year let's pretend he's our second round pick this year.  That's at least the way I want to look at it.  So that takes care of the high round defensive lineman pick.  So now let's really focus on team needs. 

My opinion is that we need to address the areas of the team in the order listed below.

1.  QB:  I love Cam Newton I have a soft spot in my heart for him.  If he's available at 15 I say take him all day long and you've got the franchise QB we need.  He's got a huge arm and elite QB speed.  If he can be taught some NFL throws and some additional footwork to go along with his current skill set he's gonna singlehandedly change some games.  If he's not available at 15 then we missed out on him.  If Mallett somehow falls I think he can be a great NFL QB as well.  If you end up taking a RB in round 1 then Andy Dalton if he's there in round three is your choice.   

2.  RB:  Ronnie and Ricky are running a little long in the tooth but I think they both have some mileage left on the legs right now I wouldn't think they will be signing Ronnie to a long term deal and I think they can get a discount on Williams so you still need one elite RB.  A couple of options in this draft are Ingram in the first or Ryan Williams in the third. 

3.  O-line:  Anytime after round 3 take the best center available or the best guard/tackle and then we move Incognito to center.  Which I'm actually ok with.  Richie is nasty and he can move the pile. 

4.  Defensive Secondary:  Another safety to go with the crew would be great.  A guy like Rashad Jones would be nice because I think he's coming along nicely. 

5.  WR:  Take the fastest guy available.  Seriously I don't care who.  Take the fastest guy so we can stretch the defenses and force safeties to play deep.  If we can do that then Bess and Marshall will have field days.  Marshall is a beast when given some space to make special plays in.  But when all the safeties are crowding up and the short pass underneath is all that's available Marshall is made to look pedestrian. 

6.  D-line:  I like our D-line but we can always have fresh bodies.  Take a chance on a guy who might turn into the next Cam Wake.   

7.  Linebackers:  I'm sure we'll take some somewhere hopefully it's later in the draft.  Dansby is solid and the rest of the guys do a good job. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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