Daboll. Draft. QB's an O-line

Well it's official Brian Daboll will be our Offensive coordinator. While it's hard to get excited about a guy with hardly any creditability. I am excited we don't have to see Dan Henning calling plays for Miami anymore. Even though word from Browns fans have him sounding like Henning 2.0. Which has fanned our excitement on the matter.  We'll just have to wait and see what Daboll does with better talent and hope he's not Henning 2.0.

Daboll two biggest issue to get squared away is the Oline and QB. He will also have to figure out the RB deal. But serviceable backs aren't hard to find these days IF you have a good Oline.

First off there's the QB. 

Note: A lot of said Daboll good with QB's. That must be inside info. I don't know of a QB he's groomed that is successful in the NFL. Pennington was good prior to Daboll and Fave already retired 100 times before Daboll coached him. So I'm not buying the myth being spread around the web that he's a QB guru. That has yet to be proven.

Chad Henne: I really would like him to develop. But he doesn't have "IT" and it's time to move on. However, Henne will likely get his last chance this upcoming season. Unless we bring in a proven vet. 

Tyler Thigpen: There have been rumors saying we will spread the field with Daboll. I think this is a scheme Thigpen will excel at. Unfortunately, Thigpen enters FA and word on the street says he's gone. Some fans say Thigpen sucks. But my gut tells me otherwise. If you judge Thigpen from the Bears game you're "a smart one".

Tom Brandstater: Journeyman. enough said.

Chad Pennington: I have nothing but respect for him. He wants to come back, but I think he should retire.

That likely leaves us bringing in two QB's. I'm prefer drafting them. However I don't like the top QB's. (click on their name to see their stats) I'm not a fan of FA QB's. We've been there done that. 

My favorite of the Top QB's is Blaine Gabbert. But he's a one year wonder so that's nothing to bank on. Cam Newton is just like Pat White, just bigger. Amazing in college but will likely struggle in the NFL. Especially for the first couple of years. Ryan Mallet has great stats. But he has a problem with ball placement. I also think he needs speedy WR's to be successful. Something we don't have in Miami. Jake Locker, regarded as the best athlete of the top tier QB's. Here's the problem. His completion average was  55.4 %. His fans will tell you he played with inferior talent. So did Thigpen in Kansas city. Are these the same people who say Thigpen sucks? hmmmm. Anyways, there's a rule saying you don't draft a QB in the first two rounds with a below 60% completion ratio. Expect his stock to drop, especially if he doesn't excel in the senior bowl. I'm all for spending a first round pick on a QB. Hell I promoted selling the house for Luck if he entered the draft.  But these guys scare me. Strangely enough I like one mid-round QB way more than than the first rounders. Andy Dalton. He's accurate with a good arm. Puts the ball where it should be. He's mobile, a leader, and a winner. A knock on him is his size 6' 2". Another mid round QB i like is, Scott Tolzien. Not the biggest arm but highly accurate. Ricky Stanzi,  is a one year wonder, but a late round pick unlike Gabbert. He's untested though, he faced easy defenses.  [Thanks to the Duke I'll add Pat Devlin.]



How many holes are there? After some shifting around and getting a healthy Nate Garner back? one? <Jake Long, Nate Garner, Incognito, ?, and Cary>  Listen I was the first to criticize Cary for his lapses. But unless we find an actual upgrade it will be difficult to replace him. Nevertheless, we need to find some good prospects to battle with the starters.

Looking at the draft. A list of Oline men the fit our size requirements (over 300 lbs) in the projected first three rounds according to.

Guards: names; rounds height

  1. Mike Pouncey; late 1st round. 6'4"
  2. Orlando Franklin; 2-3              6'7"
  3. Benjamin Ijalana; 2-3              6'4"
  4. Stephen Schilling 3                6'5"
  5. John Moffitt 3-4                      6'4"

Centers: names; rounds height

  1. Stefen Wisniewski; 2     6'3"
  2. 2 Kristofer O'Dowd; 3-4  6'4"

Tackles: names rounds height

  1. Derek Sherrod 1          6'5"
  2. Nate Solder 1-2           6'8"
  3. Anthony Castonzo 1-2 6'7"
  4. Gabe Carimi 1-2          6'7"
  5. DeMarcus Love 2         6'5"
  6. Jason Pinkston 2         6'4"
  7. Danny Watkins 2-3      6'4"
  8. Marcus Cannon 2-3      6'5"
  9. Marcus Gilbert 3          6'5"
  10. James Carpenter 3-4    6'5"

In conclusion. I hope there's football in 2011. Win or Lose, I love to see this team play.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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