The Brian Daboll Fallout-What Does He Have to Work With?

According to major pro football sources everywhere, Brian Daboll (former Cleveland OC) is Miami's new OC. Initial reaction: WHAT? My stab at the FO's reasoning: with a possible lockout coming, we don't want to bring in a new system that our players would have two weeks to learn. So no Childress or McDaniels. John Garrett's staying, OK. That leaves Chris Palmer, Daboll and Rob Chudzinski. Hmm...Daboll worked with the Jets, Patriots and Browns. He was a QB coach in New England and New York (check) and was an OC in Cleveland (check). Colt McCoy played pretty well despite being "too short" and Cleveland managed to upset a few teams (including us...). Well, hell, if we bring him in, he can't lead Cleveland to another upset victory! 

BREAKING NEWS: Brian Daboll named Miami's OC

Now what? A comparison of each position:

QB: Colt McCoy was an excellent fit for Daboll's conservative offense. Limited mistakes, made accurate throws, used his mobility to extend plays. Henne is the opposite: a big-armed pocket passer. His background is as a QB coach, so there is some hope that he can develop either Henne or whoever we bring in. Advantage: Henne (based on possible development)

HB: Peyton Hillis not making the Pro Bowl is a crime. He IS Cleveland's offense. Again, Daboll took advantage of his big offensive line and Hillis' multifaceted skillset to move the ball. We don't even know who will carry the ball in Miami. Advantage: Hillis

FB: Vickers and Polite are both hard-nosed lead blockers. Polite is the better runner, but Vickers is better out of the backfield. Advantage: LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

WR: Brandon Marshall alone is better than Cleveland's receiving corps. Add Davone Bess, Brian Hartline (and whoever we bring in during the offseason) and you have much, MUCH more to work with in the passing game. Advantage: Dolphins' receivers.

TE: Anthony Fasano is a classic in-line tight end, a blocker and safety valve for the quarterback. Ben Watson is a supersized receiver, and he led the Browns in receiving this season. Advantage: Watson

LT: Joe Thomas and Jake Long are two of the best left tackles in football. Advantage: Even

LG: Eric Steinbach is better than whoever we have currently at left guard. Advantage: Steinbach

C: Alex Mack is an up-and-coming young center in the league. He'll be reliable for a long time. Richie Incognito played very well at center compared to Joe Berger, but that's not saying much. Advantage: Mack

RG: John Jerry vs. Floyd Womack. John Jerry wins. Advantage: Jerry

RT: Vernon Carey struggled with pass-blocking this season, but he's been dependable for the majority of his career and he's valuable as a run-blocker. I'm not sure who Cleveland's starting RT is. Advantage: Carey

So what can be concluded? Miami has the better fullback, receiving corps, right side of the OL and possibly the better quarterback. However, Cleveland has a better running back, tight end, left guard and center. From what I saw, Daboll is willing to adapt his offense to get the ball moving. If Henne doesn't like play-action because he has to take his eyes off the defense, then (theoretically) Daboll will let him operate out of the shotgun to get Marshall, Bess, Hartline and Fasano on the field. Also, Henne can process the defense and make better decisions (again, theoretically). In short, this was a safe hire, to prevent players from having to quickly process a new playbook, and to aid in the QB's development.

DISCLAIMER: I used Henne above as an example. This does not mean he will be our starting QB come next season. So don't get yer knickers in a bunch!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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