One site in particular -    With that said, I've been looking at a lot of draft sites.  Not forums but actual football sites.  Several of them have a great deal of defensive players being picked in the first round.  Which leads me to this.  Yes, there are several teams in need of a QB; Arizona especially.  Tennessee, Washington, Minnesota.  But with all the defensive players out there, there just may be one or two (or three) QBs available when we pick at 15.  If this is true (OR POSSIBLE), 1) what do you PERSONALLY think and 2) what do you think the Dolphins would do.  These answers may be different - I'm sure they are. 

For me, I would like for them to pick a QB.  Look at what the Jets did.  They wanted Sanchez and they went out and got him.  Look at all the teams "better" than us - Colts have Manning, Steelers have Ben, NY has Sanchez, GB - Rodgers, Atlanta - Ryan.  Alot of them were in position to pick a QB - I know.  But what I'm saying is they have him and they are all set for 12 years.   

I'm not sure, though who would qualify for us to get.  I would hate (as you) to waste a pick but every team has wasted a pick.  It's a crap shoot every April.  I read that Gabbert, LIKE NEWTON, is going to have to get used to taking snaps under center.  Mallett - a lot of you believe he may be close to Henne in the way he plays.  If we do trade down and pick up a draft pick in place of our 2nd, I would like for them to use it on the O-line. 

But I'm just saying - there may be QBs available when we pick.  There is an awful lot of defensive players out there. Should there be a couple of QBs, who would you choose? 

While I would like a QB, I would also be very happy with someone like Pouncey on our line.  He won't be there in the third round.  I also like Wisniewski, C from Penn State.  I'm for drafting offense this year. 

I believe we need, besides QB, RBs, WR and linemen. 

As far as Tight End, I've read that a few of you want Miami to draft another one.  Here's the thing that I don't understand.  Why draft ANOTHER rookie?  After Fasano, we have three rookie TEs and they all come from good  institutions, Epps (Miami U), Shuler (Penn St.) and Mastrud (Kansas State).  So you want four rookies?  If we have to get a TE, I'd rather acquire Chicago's Greg Olsen or SF's Vernon Davis somehow.  Don't know if either is a free agent but either would make a fine addition to our team.  I wanted Miami to draft Olsen in 2007 but we drafted "The Family" instead.  Could have had Olsen.  Could have had Patrick Willis.  Could have had Jets' Revis.  What we could have had . . . . Don't see us drafting another one though.  Could be wrong. 

I have us having picks (one each) in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and two selections in the 7th - ours and Jacksonville's pick (Justin Smiley trade). 

2011 draft information - you may or may not know some or all - NE has four selections in the first 2 rounds.  Denver has 3 selections in the first 2 rounds.  In the third round, NE, New Orleans and San Diego have two selections each.

I saw a Detroit fan - his own mock - Round 1 - Mike Pouncey; Round 2 - Greg Jones, OLB; Round 3 - John Moffitt, G; Round 4 - Casey Matthews, LB.  Reason I'm writing this is because I saw someone on this site mention Matthews and if you think he's going to be there when we pick in the 5th Round, you're mistaken.  Now, I'm not going solely on this guy's choices - I'm just saying.  He's a fine choice and he will be gone - someone may even risk it with a 2nd or 3rd if they have more than one pick in a round (NEW ENGLAND?).  I wouldn't be surprised.  Matthews is their kind of player.  I wouldn't be surprised.   

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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