Come On, Honestly?

  Yes, going to the AFC Championship game back to back is impressive. No the jets didn't deserve to be in the playoffs last year. And I'm right with Matty on this, we aren't that far from the Jets. We played all four teams bidding for a chance to go to the SB this weekend, and we beat 2 of them.

 Just as Nolan came in and made a world of difference with our defense, so can a OC with half a brain can do the same with our offense. Yea we got holes, but we aren't coming back from a 1-15 like we were years ago. Three things kept us out this year. A TO prone QB, a FO that wouldn't leave our good OL alone, and a dumb@ss OC. All that can be fixed this off season. So please, lets stop feeling sorry for ourselves and being jealous of the Jets. They are doing what they got to do to win on Sundays and we aren't atm.

 They aren't afraid to go get that guy with a troubled past they think gets them over the top. You go get guys like Cromartie, Holmes and LT in one off season, you are going to be better. I'd admit I thought LT was old and wouldn't play as good this year.  Just Holmes alone, how many games did he win for the Jets this year? Cromartie, he might not be as good as Revis, but he always seems to be making plays. We won't let go of a crazy old man even if it meant possibly winning 2-3 more games that year.

 The Miami Dolphins and most of their fans? No we wouldn't want a guy like Holmes or Cromartie in the locker room, he'll kill our team and we don't like him. We cry for nice guys a like CP instead of going for talent that can take us in the playoffs just because he has a lil bit of baggage, (save Beast). We only want guys we like off the field as well. Its come to the point, I don't give a f*ck how they are off the field. Big Ben, BB, Holmes, Cromartie, Vick (just examples), I don't give a f*ck anymore. Forgive, forget and move on. Fact of the matter is they make plays and win on Sunday. I'm so sick of hearing how good a guy is off the field and not doing a d@mn thing on it, but yet we "NEED" him here. Bullsh*t.

No the Jets don't have any swagger, they just got a loud mouth. The Jets don't have "it", they just went out and got the names (players) they know will make their team better and wasn't afraid to roll the the dice. They just flat out made their team better on the field and wasn't worried about anything else.

 BTW, we don't suck. I see a lot of people typing on here like a 8 yr old just because they are ashamed of what their dad did (or didn't do) and just plain feeling sorry for themselves. Like we are at home on the couch with our arms crossed pouting. Honestly d@mn.

 I've seem Big Ben, Matt Ryan and Sanchez come into the league and ride a good defense, a good running game (some play makers) along with solid coaching right on into the playoffs. So don't cry to me about even if we make those changes that we still can't make the playoffs.

Bottom Line:

 We have the defense to go to a SB. Would we like to upgrade certain areas? Sure. But with the guys we got right now with Nolan leading them, we can make it. Our defense is good enough. If our FO can wreck a OL in 1 off season, then they can fix it, in one off season. Just F'n grow a pair. Make that trade, draft that guy even if he doesn't have the perfect background and carries a little baggage. IF HE MAKES YOUR TEAM BETTER ON THE FIELD, ROLL THE DICE AND F'N GET HIM.


Have a nice day and God bless.-)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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