Throwing Darts: The Offseason

Some random internet dude's opinion on what the Fins should do this offseason:

Offensive Coordinator:

Candidates (These are from the Phinsider)?
Chris Palmer (former Browns HC), Rob Chudzinski (former Browns OC, current Chargers TE coach), Brian Daboll (former Browns OC), Brad Childress (former Eagles QB coach/OC and Vikings HC) and John Garrett (Cowboys TE coach). The hottest candidate this offseason is Josh McDaniels. Who knows? Ross might take that money he couldn't spend on Jim Harbaugh and throw it at McDaniels. But my dark horse candidate is Tom Clements, the Packers' QB coach. What does he have going for him?
-Came to Green Bay in 2006 after a stint as the Buffalo Bills' OC in 04-05 and as a professional QB coach since 1997. 
-In 04, his offense ranked 7th in the NFL with 24.7 PPG. In 05, his offense ranked 24th (could be attributed to starting J.P. Losman for eight games, though I'll let you guys make your own opinions).
-Who has he helped groom in Green Bay? Some guy by the name of Aaron Rodgers. From what I hear, he's decent.
-He's learned a QB-friendly offense from Mike McCarthy in Green Bay. 

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Free Agency:

The guys Miami should resign:
QB Tyler Thigpen
NT Paul Soliai (Top priority)
C Richie Incognito (Best center on the Fins)
HB Patrick Cobbs (dude does everything/Sparano favorite)
QB coach Chad Pennington (Yes, bring him back as a QB coach. He'd be a great fit).

The guys Miami should look at:
CB Nnamdi Asomugha-if Ross doesn't throw money at McDaniels, here's where it could be intercepted. Plus, he'd allow Sean Smith to move around the field and match up with bigger receivers in jump-ball situations. And who better to tutor Sean Smith than a tall corner like Asomugha?
OG Davin Joseph-Possible Tampa Bay Buccaneers free agent. Mauler at right guard. Made the Pro Bowl in 2009 as an alternate. Started 54 of 55 possible games. Would move John Jerry out to right tackle, allowing flexibility with Vernon Carey.
OG Robert Gallery-Former bust at LT, moved to LG in 2007 and quickly became Oakland's best lineman. Possibly wants out as a result of Tom Cable's firing. Would improve toughness immediately on the offensive line. 
WR/PR Steve Breaston-Had a 1,000 yard season as the third receiver in Arizona in 2008 (with Kurt Warner at QB). Production suffered this season due to rookies at QB. Can be the speed receiver Miami needs and add a (possible) breakaway threat as a returner.
WR Braylon Edwards-Despite his drop-happy reputation, was actually better this year hands-wise. Jests only have cap room to resign one of their two mercenaries at WR: Edwards or Holmes. Holmes will likely be resigned. Plus, Edwards thought Miami would draft him way back when in 2005. 
HB Michael Bush-Considered by some in Oakland to be the more talented runner (between him and Darren McFadden). Has little tread on his tires. 27. Could be gone with Tom Cable's firing as well. A big back with better feet than most would think. Can catch out of the backfield. 
HB Darren Sproles-Everybody's second favorite FA target after Mankins. Fast back that contributes in the receiving and return game. Would immensely improve kick return and 3rd down situations.
DISCLAIMER: Miami should not SIGN all these guys. It would take much, MUCH more cap space than we have. 

Mock Draft (for those have that do not like mock drafts in January of mocks trying to predict trades, skip this part and leave comments on the rest of the post):

Round 1 (trade down)-Torrey Smith, WR/KR, Maryland. 
Round 3-Jerrell Powe, NT, Ole Miss
Round 3-(gained with trade down)-Robert Sands, S, West Virginia
Round 4-Andy Dalton, QB, TCU
Round 5-Bilal Powell, HB, Louisville
Round 6-Derrick Locke, HB/KR, Kentucky
Round 6-Virgil Green, TE, Nevada
Round 7-Lester Jean, WR, FAU
Round 7-Bruce Miller, OLB, UCF

The end. Feel free to leave comments, agree/disagree, throw in your 2 cents, etc!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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