Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 1/5/13

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Check out the Miami Dolphins stories you may have missed over the past day, including can the Dolphins trust general manager, Jeff Ireland?

Here are the Miami Dolphins news stories you may have missed over the last 24 hours:


Can the Dolphins trust GM Jeff Ireland? - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
The Miami Dolphins have five draft picks in the first three rounds and more than $40 million of salary-cap room this offseason. If this were a poker game, Miami would hold the most chips at the NFL table.


Standout Rookies Give The Miami Dolphins Hope For The Future - Miami Miami Dolphins |
Although the Dolphins closed out the season in disappointing fashion, they have a lot to look forward to in 2013 as some of the rookies they picked up last off-season proved they have the goods to deliver for years to come.


What went wrong for Dolphins in 2012; offseason priorities - South Florida
The Miami Dolphins will spend this offseason rebuilding the franchise, but first the team’s coaches and executives must understand what went wrong in 2012, which led to a 7-9 season.


Gillette No Debate Question: Which Player Performed Against All The Odds? - The Phinsider
The 2012 NFL regular season is over, but that does not mean that Gillette doesn't have a question for us this week. Now, they want to know, which player performed against all the odds this year?

Buffalo Bills Coaching Search Turns to Chip Kelly, Lovie Smith - The Phinsider
There is not a lot of movement for the Miami Dolphins at this time of year. However, the Buffalo Bills are currently searching for their next head coach, turning to Oregon's Chip Kelly and former Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith for interviews.

2013 Miami Dolphins Free Agents: Who is the number one re-sign? - The Phinsider
Between salary cap space and draft picks in April, the Miami Dolphins will be able to make several moves to better their roster this year. Before we get to March's free agency, who is a must re-sign for the Dolphins this year?

Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 1/4/13 - The Phinsider
A collection of Miami Dolphins stories from around the internet over the past 24 hours. Today's articles include the Dolphins work out Brian Simmons, Dolphins organization visits ticket owners, and the Dolphins had few penalties this season.

Phinsider Weekly Miami Dolphins Chats - The Phinsider
Our weekly Google+ Hangout live show returns tonight. Join us to discuss anything and everything Miami Dolphins. The season may be over, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to talk about when it comes to the Dolphins.


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