Before rampage begins

 I'm already sniffing several post will come saying this Front office have whiffed on a free agent again. Ok so Jake Grove is done! So what? Its true the FO has failed on Wilford, Gerbil, Green, Grove, Smiley, but again... so what?

Truth be told the team used this guys to reach where it is right now which is a contender for a playoff berth with dark horse expectations.

If the these guys were death weight and will cost the team more in the long run then get rid of them, was a mistake to bring them? Probably not all of them.

While Wilford and Gerbil really did nothing to help and actually hurt this team. Thanks to Erick Green poor game Sean and Vontae had a shot at playing during their rookie season. Grove and Smiley make this OL better, give experience to the youngsters and help this team while not injured, BUT if the FO already have replacements for these guys who will be ready on gameday only 80%of the time I can't blame the FO for letting them go.

It's part of the transition. Growing pains, becoming mature, rookie GM and HC mistakes...

Now who brought Marshall, Dansby and Starks who are top notch starters? Incognito, IAF and Wake are also pickups who looks with a lot of potential, or not? Joe Berger and Nate Garner while not fancy they do their job.

But what is really important, this team is based on their draftees and UFAs. Henne, Long, Carey, Jerry, Bess, Harline, Moore, Wallace, Langford, Odrick, Misi, Davis, Smith, Clemons. Am I missing someone? Update [Dan Carpenter was missing]

They bring a FA until a player of their own can take over the spot, I have nothing against it. Again I'm not saying all the FO does is right or that I'm satisfied with all their decisions. But for once until they screw the season I'm not gonna rip their moves.

So another "big FA" was cut by the dolphins. So what?

Of course I'm expecting many people to come and bash me so let the show begin.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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