Mike Nolan & Dolphins = Top 5 punishing Defense!





Week one real prediction 4 sacks, 2 INTS, against The Buffalo Bills.  Also Cam Wake, goes to the Probowl this season.Including Bell,Dansby,and Davis as well. 


The Dolphins struggled considerably on defense last season, ranking 25th in the league in points allowed.
Thanks Paul Pasqua-phoney. As a result Sparano showed him and his Vanilla Defense out the door. While picking up some flavor, on the way back in with "The Mad Scientist" aka Mike Nolan.

Ok so I did a research on Nolan this past week, man this guy is better then advertised IMO. As we all know he's the son of Dick Nolan. Under study of Dan Reeves. There is more to him then his aggressive blitzes.They call him the Mad Scientist for a reason. Did you know that he gathers film and stats.

Combines the two and gets a simulated computer to find weaknesses in the offenses of opposing teams. That's nothing! After the computer generates a high percentage of plays for the point of attack. He adds to the different blitzes for human reaction. I think that's very awesome.

Mike Nolan has been linked to more than one coaching tree. He was a defensive coordinator for Brian Billick (who is part of the Sid Gillman/Bill Walsh coaching tree), Al Groh (who is part of the Bill Parcells coaching tree), and Norv Turner (part of the Jimmy Johnson tree). However, Nolan is most directly related to Dan Reeves. Reeves brought Nolan with him from Denver (where he was linebackers coach) to be the New York Giants defensive coordinator in 1993. Nolan excelled at the position and his success served as a springboard for later success with other teams.

Those guys are pioneers of this league, and as you know; he uses a 3-4 hybrid system and which I looked up as well and heres a small tid bit from what I read.

The "hybrid 3-4": three down linemen and one linebacker at the line. Another linebacker or safety may provide additional run support, but the concept on passing downs is to get that down linebacker to the quarterback.

The traditional 3-4 defense has undergone some remarkable transitions. First implemented in the NFL as a counter to the passing game by the Miami Dolphins of the early 1970s, the 3-4 had a dominant stretch in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The need to defend the WCO through the late 1980s and early 1990s led to a decrease in the stationary 3-4, but Lawrence Taylor of the New York Giants added the hybrid concept in 1981 with a devastating ability to alternate as a pass rusher between linebacker depth and the line of scrimmage. Many defenses through the last decade, led by Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots, have made this concept the heart of their system. Belichick, architect of this concept, was the Giants’ linebackers coach from 1985 through 1990. In 2010, at least half of the teams supposedly running 3-4 defenses are actually using hybrid fronts in which personnel and formations will be switched based on opponent and situation

Not only does he gets praises, from his well respected peers, but a former great player as well.

"It's a good fit," said Giant defensive end Michael Strahan, who played his first four NFL seasons under Nolan and Reeves. "I loved him back then, and I love him still. I'm glad he's finally getting that opportunity. It's probably a little later than I thought."

Denver ranked 7th in the NFL with a lack luster pass rush, and ok secondary they managed (+7) in T.O. ratio (34 sacks) and (186.3 passing YPG) right there with the Jets and Buffalo. Thats impressive to me, for a team that's known for it's bad defense. However Denver allowed only 324 points all season long. That's Damn good! If that was Miami's D last year, we would have made it to the Playoffs easily. Last year we allowed 390 points, while scoring 360 points, those stats would have changed our season.

 Throw in the good draft, our great FA pick ups, and combine are young and athletic talent, with a 3rd place schedule we are bound for the playoffs.

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