Business as usual

They introduced this process three years ago.  Tuna stepping back into a consulting role is no surprise to me.  It really makes no difference to me one way or another because a title is just that, a title.  It doesn't matter to me if Tuna is an Executive VP or Consultant.  Either way his opinion and expertise is available to Tony and Jeff.  Not until Tuna takes a job with another team will I even care.

First of all the offseason is over.  The most important part of his job has been taken care of.  From now until the draft it's all preparation and that starts now.  Now is the obvious and rightful time to make sure Ireland is ready and by all appearances he is.

This isn't a drastic shift to the marketing end of the team and it's not a sign that Carl Peterson is on the way.  It's the next step in a process that we were all aware of the moment that Tuna took over.

Stephen Ross is one of the wealthiest men in the world for a reason and it's not because he's lucky.  He's a smart business man that knows not to fix something if it's not broken.  When you're selling the most season tickets that this team has sold in a long time then it's not broken.

Just because Ross is friends with Carl Peterson doesn't mean he's up next to run the team.  It means that Ross will lean on him for league related issues like the the Gameday device they're working on together.  Ross can easily see that from 89-08 while Peterson was in charge, that the Chiefs won their division four times and only made it to the AFC Championship in 1993.  That's a poor track record and I'm sure Ross is fully aware of that.

Bill Parcells has been an investment.  The investment produced a culture and that culture is now priceless.

Jeff Ireland has been around this business his whole life.  His family is intertwined with the business of football evaluation.  There isn't anyone else that I'd prefer to have as the GM.

Tony Sparano is everything I love about coaching and there isn't another out there like him.

I'm usually the first to throw conspiracy theories out there but this one isn't adding up to me.  I don't think Tuna is going anywhere and I don't think that much is changing besides a title.

This team isn't going to change philosophy and they aren't going to hand the keys to the team over to the marketing department.

I get the feeling that many fans and most of the media underestimate Stephen Ross.  He's done nothing but the right thing since he got here so why would you think that's going to change?

Enough about the missed picks or bad signings in free agency.  It happens to every team and if you really take a good look you'll see that we're better than most.  You can complain about the misses or the up front money paid to guys that ended up being a miss but I promise you that for Ross what's in the past is in the past.  All he cares about are the quality players that we currently have and the low salary attached to most of them since the hits have come late in the draft or after the draft.

So take a deep breathe and realize that this was the right time to make a move they've planned for three years.  It's no surprise just like how the media is reacting because panic sells stories.

Tuna didn't do this to save anyone's job or become more available for another team.  He did it because this was the plan and this was the time they planned on instituting it.  The timing feels right and it doesn't feel to me that anything else is going on or being rushed.

So please calm down if you're in panic mode.  We have a young and talented team that's primed for success.  Nothing has changed except a title to a man that's more important to us in the offseason.  Thankfully the offseason is over and we're left with great leadership and talent.

Bill Parcells is about to turn 70 and it's doubtful to me that he's looking to do this all over again.  It's more realistic to me that he remains as a consultant until the day he's no longer on this earth.

Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano were the reason this worked for Tuna three years ago.  They were the perfect extensions of himself for the front office and coaching staff.  It allowed Tuna to operate on his own terms without disrupting the growth.  It allowed Tuna to pass on his knowledge without taking on the full work load that one would normally have to take one in order to turn around a 1-15 team.  That's why I doubt that he's moving on because those pieces aren't available to him now and he'd be forced to take on even more work in the beginning.

By all appearances this rebuild has been a success.  The team is in great shape and we're selling tickets.  Stephen Ross isn't going to fix something that isn't broken.  Men like him don't reach that level of success by messing with things they don't understand or need to understand.  Guys like Stephen Ross see the expertise in a guy like Bill Parcells and trust their decision making.  That's why the smart bet is for Ross to leave things as is as long as he can.  Tuna has been an investment and getting rid of Jeff or Tony just because Tuna isn't the VP anymore would be the equivalent of giving up on the tens of millions of dollars invested in this project.

Things don't change overnight.  The progress we've made since 2007 is huge and to give up on it now would be foolish.  Stay strong everyone and remain confident in our roster.  Nothing has changed and as long as we continue to support Jeff and Tony then nothing will change.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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