This is getting ridiculous.


Hi all, i'll start off with a little info about myself for anybody bored enough to read it...

      I'm 24 years old and been a dolphin fan all my life, but until really this year never really followed the offseason all that much or checked up on websites for announcements or just to read the forums. This year has been quite different as i find myself checking pretty much hourly for anything new at all. Theres been a few topics ive wanted to post about but really just never felt like i needed to until now. My 2 cents for those interested in reading. Forgive my inexperienced format btw haha

Chad Henne: What the heck is with all the doubting about him? Because this preseason he hasnt looked like the 2nd coming of 13(which alot of his numbers have been far worse because of drops)? Don't any of you remember what he looked like last season? I still have a few of those games on my DVR and love to watch his 4th quarter comebacks and some of the rediculous throws he made(like against the jets, a game i was at btw) to virtually no-name recievers that wouldnt start on 25-30 of the other NFL teams. I really think alot of you guys with CLS(love the term) really need to go on Youtube and watch some of his highlights last year. This guy looks to have the tools to become the real deal.

Chad Pennington: Absolutely love the guy. The 11-5 season was nothing short of spectacular. Seriously though.. its pretty obvious CLS is causing most of you to just absolutely freak out. Why in the world are we calling for this guy again? Because hes looked promising in the PRESEASON vs a mix of 1sts and 2nds running vanilla defenses, which yea he probly could pick apart all day. I love the reasoning from these people that are calling for pennington as well. "We need to get off on a fast start! Henne isnt ready!!" So your calling for the same guy that we've started 0-2 with the past 2 seasons??  REALLY!?!


Tony Sparano: I've had mixed emotions about him since day 1. I really liked him at first, then not so much, then liked again, ect ect. Hes done some bonehead things in games with clock management, or like that time he was trying to call timeout when we just got the turn over which obviously stopped the clock. Doh! Really though.. he should be fired apparently huh? If i was him i would have done exactly the same thing he did, he sent a message to his team saying he was extremely unhappy how they are playing so they are going to play when they should be resting. I absolutely loved the decision. Of course it looks stupid since big Jakes knee is banged up, but i garauntee if we come out firing and win 3 of the first 4 that decision might not look as dumb... and for those that said our elites shouldnt have suited.. no offense but that sounds even stupider than everybody starting. So you wanted Lydon Murtha protecting Henne's weak side against guys looking to keep a job? Really?


Secondary: Probably going to be the weak spot on the team. I really dont understand though, how people can be soooo down on Jason Allen now starting over Sean Smith? He has been a huge disappointment since being drafted, but does that really mean the guy can never be good ever? Ever thought JUST MAYBE he really loves Mike Nolan's scheme and is really excelling in it? Is that really hard to believe since he's first round talent? I personally am kinda suspecting this is more of a motivational thing for Sean though. It takes different things to motivate people. This seems more to me like they are just trying something new to light his fire. I think Sean's main problem has been trying to make too many big plays. Its why good recievers running a double move torch him, he looks to jump the route for the pick and its too late by then. Really hope Vontae is fine for the opener.

CLS fin fans: All joking aside. You guys are going to make it hard for me to really read forums next offseason. Most of the dolphins fans in southwest FL where i live are pretty much the same as alot of you ive read on here. I work in a sports bar and during the 1-15 season i proudly wore my #99 every week with my sick white on white fins cap. I had so many people that were dolphins fans come up to me and ask how i could wear that this season. While i laughed it off on the outside since i was at work it was just a pathetic feeling on the inside. These are my fellow dolfans? People who dont even support their team when the season is going bad? Im all for changes when they need to be made, but im still a fan at heart no matter what is going on. Seriously though.. all of you need to hold your head up high for being fans of one of the greatest teams the NFL has seen since its existance and sit back and enjoy the season good or bad. We'll evaluate all these things again WHEN THEY ACTUALLY COUNT :).


Hope you all enjoyed, opinions welcome!

 P.S. Most of you guys here are pretty good with the CLS. Most of that is directed at some of the other sites i read frequently.


P.P.S. Jets suck :)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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