Hey Front Office..... I got your back.

You've read the news.

You've seen the cuts.

You've screamed. You've cried. You've yelled at the gods.







Any of you naysayers want my advice?




Now I'll go out a limb and say that I'm not partically about ecstatic about EVERY recent move we have made and am not here to voice how I would have handled it, but I do think people are getting way too ahead of themselves by jumping ship before Week 1. Let's face it... there is a reason Bill Parcells makes the big bucks and has SB rings and we do not. I have noticed myself feeling like I'm coming down with slight cases of CLS from time to time, but I catch myself before the point of no return. However you feel about any decision made by this front office, one truth remains: one cannot truly evaluate our front office's decisions until an outcome is produced.

There are plenty of posts out there questioning some of the FO's decisions; alot of them are absurd, but some of them offer very sound arguments. I admit I have been concerned about some decisions but never have I been worried. People need to relax and view each side from both angles before they open their mouths or unleash in ALLCAPS the first things that come to mind. But now that many have made their thoughts about the worst case scenarios, I advise we take a look at the positive, shall we?


Defensively, we are going with alot younger guys in their prime and I believe alot of this EVERYTHING to do with Mike Nolan. Mike Nolan's blitz packages are extremely aggressive and focus on providing athletic playmakers with chances to produce immediate results.  Guys like Douglas and Grant were good additions and I didn't like see them go at all. However, these guys only have so much upside at a chance to be an elite defensive player for a long term defensive scheme. By bringing in younger guys,  we are able to save money and allow our starters a chance to shine. These young backups are able to learn the system, stay on for cheap, and when a chance does arise, have the knowledge, experience and intangibles to possibly make an immediate impact. There is a reason we brought in Mike Nolan; he made the Broncos D look GOOD.

As for the financial side, all of our cuts/waives have dramatically cut costs. My thought is that the FO is betting that if our squad starts strong, and if we are in the hunt late, we may have the ability to snatch a major FA aquisition that could took us to the next level. It may be early, but a Super Bowl is never out of reach. And if things don't work out the way we planned, atleast we didn't invest all of our cashflow into older vets who won't be around to improve on Nolan's scheme for more than another year. Say what you want but it makes sense. Bring in a stud (Dansby) and back them up with young inexpensive guys to learn from the best (A.J., Micah and Koa I'm looking at you).

Last time I checked we still have the same amount of players as the 31 other teams. We still have depth, but only where our coaches think it's truly needed. OL and DB are areas where our head honchos think we need as much as possible. I agree.

I was opposed to cutting Pat White because in a high power offense (which is our goal) I can see him as effective. But the fact was he was taking up second round money at a fourth string position? This doesn't work.

Camarillo was a favorite here, myself included, but same concept, he was a older duplicate of a possession receiver we already have in Brian Hartline. You can say that Benny Sapp is not of equal value. I can say that I'd rather have a starting Nickel corner than a fourth string wideout. The trade was fair; both teams got a position they needed. Say whatever you like, I'm just showing you both sides of the spectrum.

Jason Taylor was the first sign of this change. This was a stab in the heart for me. But do I see why they did what they did? Absolutely. This was not the best move for general fan base but as a business aspect to build a dynasty it was not only smart but possibly crucial.

Our coaches know alot more about the strengths and weaknesses of our squad then we do. They see them in action every single day. Fans and media on the other hand can only speculate until the season starts. Using TE for example.. obviously Sparano has enough confidence in Fasano to rebound after a down year that Martin was not as important as we thought he would be. I don't know? You don't know? Let's trust our coaches in the mean time... last time I checked we're still 0-0 and they have not failed us yet.

I'll Leave You With The Facts:

Our offseason has included the additions of Mike Nolan, Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby. Even after cutting the likes of White, Martin, and Thomas I will stand here and say that In my opinion we have had the best offseason in football. Every fan wants more. Fans can be greedy and relentless.  The important thing is to sit back and remember where we were in 3 years ago, and all of our general feelings then. My, how that has changed. Feeling better yet?

So this is to Coach Sparano, Parcells, Ireland and the rest of the coaching staff... If people plan on bashing your recent moves then I'll trust you have a solid reasoning for everything. Let's give them hell this year... I got your back.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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