Donte Whitner to Dolphins?





I think Chris Clemons is a below average FS. Sure he is only in his second year but I see no promising future with him. The Tuna and TS should offer up a nice trade to the Buffalo Bills. First off I would like to say Chris Clemons may, have made 1 mistake out of 400 plays, but he has only lateral speed and a big hitter. But lacks in the mental game, to me thats not enough for a FS playing center field in a Mike Nolan Defence, that relies soley on a good coverage guy.

 I have no doubt this guy may cost us a few games. By giving up the big plays. Since Sean Smith has a habit of that as well,(pic of above says it all) so we have 2 questionable guys playing the LCB and FS. To much to worry about on game day, with guys like Brady and Rodgers coming up in our schedule. Anyways lets go trade Joe Berger and a 3rd round pick for Donte Whitner got it Buffalo is the deepest at that position. They need help on the line, if they want to protect Edwards and Spiller.

I think its a good trade Whitner is a 1st rounder in his 5th year plus we give you a young and very good Center you place at the OG spot where they're having trouble as well. They can get a 2nd Stringer LT since we replace them every  year. I think Whitener would complete our secondary. 311 tackles 4 ints and allways around the ball thats with no pass rush, so imagine him in a fins uni, he would be getting better stats IMO, hey it's a dream but that would make our team way better. Sorry for any grammer issues, I typed this in like 10 minutes.I rushed this on my lunch break while I was thinking of a solid answer to my question I had. 

 I have more to say but I am doing this on the fly, tell me what you think the guy is in his 5th year in the leauge, he fits the Parcells model: smart,strong, and he's a play maker on the field. Heres a few Stats for you guys. So tell me what you think thanks Stats407.



Season Team Games Tackles Interceptions Fumbles
G GS Total Solo Ast Sck SFTY PDef Int Yds Avg Lng TDs FUM Lost
TOTAL 311 227 84 1 0 12 4 143 -- 76 1 -- --
2009 BUF 10 8 57 42 15 0 0 5 2 104 -- 76T 1 -- --
2008 BUF 13 13 61 50 11 1 -- 1 -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2007 BUF 15 15 89 68 21 0 -- 1 1 29 -- 29 0 -- --
2006 BUF 15 14 104 67 37 0 -- 5 1 10 -- 10 0 -- --


 Oh by the way welcome back Revis now Jets fans won't have any lame exscuses, why we beat them in week 3. Henne to Marshall over Revis music to my ears. They just paid the guy $100+ mill to get exposed by the Marsh and Henne connection, thanks...Mike T. and Rex now lets go eat some snacks!

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