Tyler Thigpen might be much more than a 3 string QB for the Dolphins!!

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Hi there, my nickname is Aldaran and this is my first post so I hope you like it.

First of all I would like to say that I have been a dolfan all my life and I wish the best for our Phins this season as always. Ok, let’s begin.

As you know since Dan Marino retired from the team before the 2000 season the Miami Dolphins have been more than far to get a Franchise QB and I have to say also a decent QB. Our best shot at recent years was Henne. Now I’m not sure about that.  I have to say that I had some hope about Henne when he was drafted just as questions in other areas. First of all the Pros of Henne:

1. - The greatest value of Henne is his arm strength: I was at the stadium that October 13, Monday night, VS the JETS when he made that huge bomb to Ted Ginn Jr. That throw made a big statement of his rocket arm.

2. - He is some kind of cold attitude: Few times you see Henne smiling after a good throw or frustrating after an interception. He will be quiet and go out the field like nothing happened. That shows stability to the teammates.

3. - He has the body and height that allow him to perform well at the position: Height/Weight: 6-3/230 I need to say more?

Now, the points that makes me unconfident about Henne

1. - He has a lot of trouble to make the easiest throws: The short ones, Why? Because he put a lot of power to that passes. That explains the low rate of complete/attemps and the drops form players like Brandon Marshall and Brian Hartline in this preseason in some way. Also even that he has that rocket arm HE DONT USE IT  as much as he should to make the long throws!! I think he lacks of confidence at some times about his accuracy or at least that seems to be the case to me.

1.2- He doesn’t have a touch ball throw at all. 95% of his throws are bullets or in the best case rocks. That makes pretty difficult to receivers to make some  catches and for him to evade the middle LBs because his bullets are in straight line instead of parabolas that would evade the middle field and hits the target up field.

2.-He need to improve his movement in the pocket and also his speed: I know that his job isn’t running but sometimes the circumstances require it and you need some wheels if you want to escape those LBs.

3.-As good it can be that he is quiet the other face of the coin is that he is not much of a leader: He is very gray at times. Yes, we all have heard the interviews with the players and their opinions to the media about Henne embracing his leadership role. But you know what? you can’t lie to the camera.  You can’t see a sparkle that fires up the other players in the huddle or in the sidelines like the one that has Pennington or even close.

Now I think that Henne has a lot to work before I can see him as our Franchise QB and that makes me sad. But if you accept the facts and accept the reality then it also opens another door. Have you seen these past preseason games? Did you see how good was our 3 QB Tyler Thigpen? I mean WOW Tyler Thigpen made some really good throws out there even when the O-line was struggling so much and his receivers don’t had the caliber of  Brandon Marshall or Davone Bess. He showed to all of us that he can compete for the first JOB. And I’m really serious about this. Here are my thoughts about Thigpen from what I saw of him at KC, vs Pittsburg last year, and this preseason.


1. - Strong Arm: Guess what? Henne is not the only QB with a strong arm Thigpen also has it and better than that he use it for the long shots not the close ones!!

2.-He can run: Some of us wanted to see Pat White because he can run and throw the ball in the Wild Cat, right?  Well Tyler Thigpen run very well, he is FAST and at times looked like a RB when he run uphill against the area of LBs. No fear there.

3.-He has touch ball throws: He just has a good combination between bullets and touch passes. Very nice throws at the run also.

4.-He is a fighter and will make comebacks as he should if he want to be a starter: In different situations we have appreciate the ability of Thigpen to manage the offense to come from back of the score. Vs Dallas we lose but what a drive Thigpen did and also his 15 point in the 4 qrtr. If he had to run because the line struggles he ran and looking good. If he had to take a shot and eat the ball to keep hpe a live he did, and if he has the game at his hands just a 2 or less minutes to end the game He MAKES A GOOD THROW IN THIGHT COVER and put our team in defense in position to defend and win the game. Not like the interception in the red zone of Henne vs Atlanta.


Fearless runner: He run many times and expose himself to much. Maybe it has something to do with the bad protection of the line or maybe he likes to run a little bit either way he can be hit and hit hard and be on the injury reserve, not good if its your starting QB.

Now for the people that starts asking. Why he is a 3 QB if you think he is that good? Well first of all Henne is D project isn’t? Since the second pick in the draft of 2008 he is the dream of all Dolfans but he still is a promise after 2 years. A promise that doesn’t looks good in preseason and didn’t do anything huge or near to that the last season 2009. At this time the trifecta of Parcells, Ireland, and Sparano have made some bad choices in the drafts like the most clear one PAT WHITE so accepting another one at the position of QB is kind of hard for these men. The media will eat them and maybe their jobs would be affected too. But this trifecta also saw some talent in Thigpen that’s the reason they brought him to the TEAM for a pick of a future draft to KC so maybe they are starting to realize that Henne isn’t the answer. Now Pennington is the 2 QB because his experience and he wouldn’t accept a 3 string at QB Penningtons leader ship and wisdom are hard to deny so they had to put Thigpen in 3 spot even if he looked better on the field.

All of these characteristics make me a believer of Tyler Thigpen I think Tony Sparano and his staff should take some risk at playing Thigpen in the first spot in the first games of the season and Henne as backup. We all know what Henne can do. The worst that can happen is that Tyler do it bad in the first pair games and you change for Henne. What we can win? a franchise QB. The guy has proven on the field he can do it. If you don’t bet you don’t win. Well that’s my opinion I would like to hear your thoughts I really appreciate your time for reading my post, see ya!!



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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