A Fin hangover and a missing persons report on MISI....??

I have such an awful  Phin hangover that has nothing to do with alcohol. Nothing worse than losing to the Jest. coulda's shoulda's--I am cringing knowing we lost to them without Reveis, Jenkins, and Holmes. That scares me.I really thought Marshall was gonna score on the last catch run inside the 10. I hate losing to the Jest! Did I mention that already?

I know Odrick is out but what about our other prized rookie Misi? Is he in the Sparano doghouse? I was under the impression that Misi was drafted as some sort of coverage wonderkid? If so, shouldn't he have covered Keller instead of allowing ANOTHER Tight End to slice up our secondary??? Where was Misi all game?? Was he on the bench or was he just that ineffective? One tackle all night? About our TE coverage---How big a boner do you think Aaron Hernandez and Tom Brady have as they prepare for that game???? 

More Lowlights-

Jason Allen- what a difference a week makes. ouch--wow was he bad all night!

Sean Smith could not hang with Keller. He has regressed badly and looks lost. Cant even have him replace Allen.

Crowder- get ur ass on the field already or this FO will cut you!

Vontae- he had minimal impact on the game as Dirty Sanchez threw away from him. He is not far from establishing himself as an elite CB. Why not put Vontae on Edwards on that endzone fade route?

Chad Henne- he showed enough to avoid putting any of this loss on him. But still----on the seemingly easier passes that require touch, he is awful. -endzone fade and screen passes are devoid of touch and accuracy. Come on Chad P-teach your student how to throw those passes that made your career! Unless Henne is throwing a laser he is marginal at best.

Ricky/Ronnie- Ricky needs to lose at least 25% more of his touches to Ronnie. Ronnie is the much more effective running back. And Ricky hold onto the damn ball!!!

Starks- I cant blame the guy because he being a great team player by moving around to do what is best for the team due to others injuries, however Starks looked heavy and slow playing on the end instead of the nose. If he is gonna stay on the end (perhaps due to the effective play of Solai and Odrick injury) he has to do a better job of not allowing the RB to get around that end. 

Special Teams- It was so obvious in preseason that our special teams play was going to hurt us when the season began. We were awful in so many areas of special teams. It feels like other than the occasional Ginn outburst our special teams play is alwys lacking. It is inexcusable to not be able to fix punt blocking and kick coverage. Awful! With all the no non sense tough guy bravado from Parcells and regime, and am surprised that this issue is not fixed.


Yeah- I am very bummed today. Fortunately the win in Minny allows us to still be in a decent position if we can get over this hangover and post a W next week. All in all, if we go 3-1 following a very tough opening schedule we would have to be happy with that. However, we must win next week! Talk 2 aspirin and see ya on Sunday.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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