So nice to see this!!!

Just to start things off I really dislike Crackback from gang green nation, talk about a cocky arrogant fan there's your definition. Hey crackback this is what you going to be seeing on Sunday Night:



Well anyways I know im like super late on this but a read is a read so read it!


What a strong showing from our Defense the last couple of games im defenitly buying a Dansby Jersey. He has clearly made his presence known since we signed him:

At Bills: 8 Tackles

At Vikings: Goal Line Stand tackle

Obviously he's doing what we paying him to do and I fully expect it to continue on Sunday Night.

I also love what i'm witnessing from Jason Allen, what a story. Drafted in the first round in 06, switches to CB and S, many people called him a "Bust", almost loses his job and now he comes in this year and just performs like a first round pick; now that's a brilliant story of what hard work could do for you. What impresses me more is his physicality, he's just a tough player all around don't be surprised if he's the opposite Antonio Cromartie to our very own Davis Island.

That also leads me to another observation: our whole secondary can HIT!!! Proof:

That just shows that Tony Sparano is making this team a hard-hitting Defense, Watch out Dustin Keller.

Chris Clemons is INVISIBLE which is great for us, I do notice him out there though he's always around the ball I have a feeling if a ball is ever tipped he's going to intercept it.

Sean Smith is our very own TE neutralizer, I have a feeling him and Carpenter are going to get alot of playing time.

Misi and Wake are the Now and the Future, not only do they both crash the pocket but they have both improved in the pass and run game. Misi may not be great going up against the best tackle on the opponents team but he finds a way to disrupt a play and what else can we ask for?

Landford and Starks are always great, we got to hope Solai can keep up with the consistency but i have a feeling we are going to be dissapointed in his play tomorrow. Mostly due to the fact that he's going to get tired so hopefully wr have a nice backup for him.

Crowder will return hopefully he hasn't lost any speed because he was already slow to begin with, but you gota love what he brings to this football team and thats enthusiasm and a nice run-stuffer.

I like Benny Sapp I  think we got good vaule from that trade.


This should be Marshall.Marshall.Marshall because that's all I could think about when I think of our Offense, no doubt he was worth the investment. I have a feeling he's due to a breakout at our very first home game can you howl for me one time? AWHOOOOO...


Our O-line has done a very good job so far in the season going up against a BETTER run stuffing Defense than the Jets don't be so surprised to see our O-line dominate the trenches even though it's going to take a bit of a hit with Jerry out. 

The RnfR express just keeps rolling, I like our duo but it pisses me off how Ricky seems to fumble at crucial moments. Ronnie has been more effective than Ricky so far but they'll both have their moments don't worry.

Hartline made a pulse last week catching Henne's very first touchdown throw. Bess has been mr.reliable so far and I don't expect any less.

Anthony Fasano has been solid nothing specal just solid but I do like those catches he's been having but how about those throws...

I mean sheesh Henne you didn't tell me you have pin-point accuracy, what else can you do? Henne has been doin what he's been told to do and that's: Don't turn the ball over and personally I agree. It's a known fact, you turn the ball over and you lose. This game should be a little more aggressive for Henne I mean it is Homecoming!!!

Now for real who would you want as your QB?

 Mark Sanchez?






Believing in Mark Sanchez is like believing in the easter bunny...


HA for real though i see many great things for this team this year and next hopefully no injuries occur and we still remain hungry even after a Superbowl win!!! Lets Go Dolphins whoop them Jets!!1








This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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