Animals Den Volume 8

wow  fans so here we are just on the verge of the one game that we have talked about since way back in the draft.

we are riding high over a 2-0 record. some folks may say well it is just only two games the season is still early yet. to that i say any win in the nfl is a big win. it is not like basket ball or baseball where yo ugot like what 100 games a season so one loss or win is no big deal you got plenty of time to make it up.. well in the nfl you only got 16 chances to win. so YES any win is a big deal and should be treated as such.  one win or one loss could be the difference between going to the big game and just sitting on the couch watching the big game.  so i say savor the wins each and everyone of them no matter what week it is. pound our chest and be loud. hold our pride for this team on our sleeves. let the other teams trash talk. all that says is that they are scared and they hide behind harse words to cover it up.


i know fans here  been upset over how tight  lipped our team has been playing. well on the O side of the ball anyway.  i say relax folks. since the time they first steped on a field to play a game of football. the defences have always been ahead of the offences. this is nothing new it never has been.  our offences has way to much going for it to not be good to even awsome. as fans we must give them time to work out the kinks but understand that this team was never built to just air it out. you have to see that this team is being built on balance so that say if we meet up with ta team that we cant run on. then we can switch to the pass to beat them. but now say a team like the colts. if you take manning out of the game then what do you have?  a very poor team

i myself dont want a one trick pony type of team.  and i am thrilled about  how our team is trying to be a threat no matter what part of it you try to stop. my fellow friend and fans here we are al about balance and i for one cant be happier about it.


so mister nicky have gotten front page work. not to surprised...aww who am i kidding i was in shock.. i thought hell that boy cant even spell vigina right and he is on the front page.  then i read his play break downs and i was in awe.. who is this guy? what talent has he been hiding al this time?  how can a guy who eats the crouch out of dirty shorts for a hobby  actualy come up with this stuff.  so hats off to you mister nicky my great grand pappy would be proud.  and i have a request of you if yo uwould be so kind. could you break down that 51 yard run but ronnie brown in that minny game?  if you would then thank you.. if not then well  F*&K you  ;op... but really i would love to see your take on it. and hats off to you  and for such write ups you have risen my respect for you as a person and a writer.


i noticed a certain post on here a few days back from a fan who called me a fake hoe... and yes from the post he was calling me such a name. as he was every fan of this team here. at first i was offended how dare he call me fake. as calling me a hoe on top of that?  wel i wil tall you that yes i am a hoe.and i will tell you why.. everytime my wife gives me my 20 dollars a week [lay moeny and i take it then i have to preform in the bedroom for her then yes i am a hoe.. and i bet most of the fans on here are as well. since al ahoe really is. is someone who takes some form of payment for a sexual act. so ummmm why is the word hoe used in such a bad way?  since we all do it in one form or another right?  so umm in the long run yes i am a hoe.  but i got to tal ya with my wife i think i am going to start asking for danger pay as well.. danger you say? well yes when not i have to prop  up her inner thights with two-by-fours, use a hard hat and a space suit and bag of flour to find her hunny spot.. very dangerous indeed.


isnt it great to be a dolpins fan this year? our team has done something they havent done in years. they went to the bills house and battled it out for a win.. i know folks wil say the bills are trash blah blah blah and what not. but history has told use time and time again that the bills at home is no gimmie game. for all their short comings the bills are a tuff team to beat at home. and we did it anyway so yes it was a good hard fought victory. then we march into  the vikings house.. yes the 9-0 vikings at home. and in the end we show them that we are the better team. all the other folsk around can make up reasons why the vikes lost.. it was this or it was that.. the vikes were not as good as last year?? i mean really? far as i could tell they had most of the same players as they did last year so why all the sudden they are not as good as before? umm i hate to pop ya bubble but yes they are as good as they was last year. we beat them and that sunday it was our fins that was the better team.  no exscuses. we game planed and figured them out and beat them with it so no matter what exscues you may have in the end it was stil a good win.


besides when the teams are looked at for a super bowl run they only look at wins and losses do they not? i know unless it is a tie and what not but even stil the the next thing is division wins right?  i mean at not at any time do they say well this team won but they have ugly wins so lets not put them in the big game.  umm NOT.  my great grand pappy use to say: it is not the trip that is important it is what is at the end of the trip that is.  so to me what he is saying is keep your eye on the prize and not get side track by how we get there. so to me if henne only throws 10 yrd passes all game and gets us a win all the way to the big game then i wil cheer the check down king al the way there.


welp that is my ramblings for this installment of the den. and as always GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!



as my great grand pappy use to say: a woman is much like a vibrator.. really fun to play with but once the batteries run down then  all you want to do is toss them in a drawer

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