10 Reasons Why The Dolphins will beat The Jets this week

1.Home Field Advantage- Its not only at home, but our first home game of the season, and the fact that we have won 2 straight games will pump up us fans even more and give us a huge home field advantage.

2. Orange Jerseys- We are undefeated in our orange jerseys (3-0)

3. Revis is Out- Revis Island will be officially extinct this week, Darelle Revis injured his hamstring in week 2 against the Patriots and will not play against the Dolphins this week. So Antonio Cromartie will most likely go against Brandon Marshall which should be good considering that the two faced each other before and twice last year Marshall had 18 catches against Cromartie and the Chargers secondary.

4.Jake Long vs Mike Devito- So we all probably know by now not only is Jake Long a beast up front and one of the best if not the best Left Tackle in the NFL but also last week manhandled Jared Allen who is a consistent pro bowler. Devito is not on the same page as Allen, maybe not even the same chapter so Jake Long should be dominant as usual.

5. The Henne-Marshall Connection- In the first week we seen Marshall have 8 catches in his dolphin debut, and in the previous game against the Vikings Marshall caught a beautiful 46yard catch from Henne. We are starting to see this duo form a connection and I believe with Revis being out that this tandem comes to life.

6.Cameron Wake and Koa Misi Vs Jets Offensive Line- So we know that the Jets OLine is good for rushing yards but when they pass which they will need to alot I don't believe they will be able to handle both Wake and Misi, they both are explosive,powerful determined and just amazing pass rushers. Cameron Wake is just an overall beast and should have at least two sacks this week, I love this defensive tandem.

7. Vontae Davis and Jason Allen Vs Jets WRs- I personally am falling in love with Davis as a player, he is quick, powerful, stays with any WR he matches up against, is a hard hitter and has great hands. Brett Farve even mentioned that he was pretty much scared to throw it towards him because of how talented he is. And Jason Allen somehow went from a bust to a dominant CB and made this Secondary one of the best in the league thus far.

8. Karlos Dansby- I don't need to say much about him, he is a leader, he is always around the ball, breaks up passes, had that amazing sack against the Bills in week one, had the Game saving tackle last week and just seems to always make plays when this team needs it.

9. R&R Express- So earlier I mentioned about how Jake Long is going to dominante Devito, well now I wanna give props to the rest of the O-Line. Did anybody see how well rookie John Jerry did against that Aggressive d-line? Or Incognito? or Berger? or Carey? they dominated one of the best D-Lines in the NFL and managed to open holes for the R&R Express. This week we have a simiilar task but maybe a little easier, and as long as Ricky and Ronnie hold onto the ball Im sure we can have a great day running the ball.

10. Sanchez Will Make Mistakes- I believe with Strength of our team being the defense that Nolan will dial up some plays that will consistenly pressure Sanchez and will have many great side effects, for example I expect there to be at least 4 sacks on Sanchez; as well as at least one interception whether its by Davis, Allen, or Dansby, or whoever else steps up. This will get into Sanchez's head and cause many incomplete passes and/or interceptions. We only allowed 2 touchdowns this far and both have been within the redzone. One was the result of miscommunication and the other a fumble by Ricky Williams.


so I tried posting this a few hours ago, but the site went down in the middle of me typing this. So sorry Matty or any1else if  we have simillar stuff.

: So overall our defense is Monstorous, and our Offense has the possibility to be just as dominant, possibly this years version of the New Orlean Saints?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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