Wildcat Weekly Issue 2.1: Starting Strong


Issue 2.1-
Miami Record (1-0, 1-0 Division)

Guess Who's Back????

It's the Wildcat Weekly.. you remember don't you... the ultimate conglomeration of Fins news, thoughts, jokes, trivia, bloggers opinions and other fun crap ONLY issued after EVERY victory.


Hey, have you heard the crazy news... The Dolphins Won! Wait, we did win, right?



Meet Mr. Dansby: Trent- Check. Brett and Sanchez- Next Up



It's been a long long time since the last WW was rolled out and it's felt like forever since December 13th, 2009, since we have had the HONOR of seeing our Miami Dolphins walk off the field with a regular season victory.  For all the naysayers and 'Negative Nancys' out there, keep sulking. It wasn't pretty but the fact remains that it's been 9 months since the Dolphins have had a win. That means if you and your lady celebrated the last win with some magic in the bedroom then congratulations, you should be expecting a baby any day now. Make sure to name him Chad, Ronnie or Brandon. Or you can follow in the footsteps of hangover and name him Karlos! Honestly, it seems like we start off every season victory with one over Buffalo. If this is the case I am very glad we played them week 1! For all those that remember, this is how the Wildcat Weekly was born last year.

(MIA 15, BUF 10) Game Breakdown:

Key Stats-
166: Net Yards by Buffalo
86: Net Yards by Buffalo minus their no-huddle scoring drive
14: Yards by CJ Spiller
8: Catches by Brandon Marshall
2: TD's that should have been easy Pick 6's (and WILL not happen again, please?)
0: Turnovers by Miami

We can go back and forth on our lack of offensive firepower all day. We did what we needed to win. We had more total yards last year in Buffalo... We lost that game 14-31. Let's not harp on what we did wrong but rather focus on what we did right. I mentioned before that we had 0 turnovers and came up with a win. If we do this every week then we will go undefeated. Even a Jet fan can understand this concept. One game at a time.


Right now all I see is a record of 1-0 and atop the division. Do we need to come with more next week in Minnesota?  Absolutely. We know this, but you think our team doesn't? Look for us to try to control the clock and exploit their secondary. It should be easier to pass against Minnesota then Buffalo and I am looking at Marshall to have a BIG game Week 2. Henne won't miss that bomb two weeks straight.



Around the league-


  • The Paper Champs take a step backwards. Although coming up with 3 TO's, the Jests failed to score a TD at home in their new stadium, and the so-called chosen one 'lit it up' going 10/21 for 74 yards.Where was Revis as Boldin went for 110 yards? I'm sure Brandon Marshall got the memo here. I'm not throwing them under the bus yet, but I'm just seeing the implosion that everyone knew was coming already looking apparent after Week 1. I can't wait to see everyone who buyed into their hype scatter like roaches. The crumbling has begun and it's happening at an accelerated pace. Week 3 should be a good one.
  • New faces in new places shine. While we realize that Marshall and Dansby are already taking control on their sides of our football, other new faces are making big impacts beginning in Week 1. McNabb outguns the Cowboys, Mike Williams terrorizes the Niner secondary and Aaron Kampman causes havoc against the Denver O-Line. And of course we can't forget the Ravens shiny new recievers, who are making a case that they may be the team to beat in the AFC. I'm thinking they might be right.
  • Let's hear it for Florida! The Sunshine State had a poor collegiate showing Saturday (except for the Gators) but rebounded with a strong 3-0 on Sunday. Anyone on the Jags v. Bucs Superbowl Bandwagon yet? Yeah, me neither.
  • This is the NFL and you need to bring your A-Game every week. After a few teams sat back after reading the papers about their upcoming shoo-in division title crowns, they started the season by getting embarrassed on the road in both Houston and Seattle. This just shows you the parody out there and how important any win against a division rival is. Take note Fin Fans; a sloppy win is alot better than getting abused and starting off 0-1 in your division. If you don't agree than grab a Colts hat and tell me if you feel any better... And to the Jets, a paper crown might look sweet, but you still got to gel and produce on the field as a TEAM. Just because Jets fans can't spell TEAM doesn't mean they shouldn't realize the importance of one. Any team can beat any other team and week; that's why they play the game.

NFL Stock Down:
Jests, Niners and Colts

NFL Stock Up:
Chiefs and Titans- Go ahead and check their schedules; softer than Sanchez's skin. (He moisturizes)

Wildcat Weekly Projected Trophies

Current vote for OROY-
Sam Bradford, STL

Current vote for DROY-
Nate Allen, PHI

League MVP-
Arian Foster (i'll give him this honor Week 1 after a ridiculous outing. Indy could NOT stop this guy)

Miami MVP-
Karlos Dansby


Looking ahead:

We got what we wanted.. our first opening win since 2003. Now our true test starts. Our next 7 games look like a challenge out of a reality show. It's insane. We are going to have to mature and keep up the defensive tempo or Miami is going to bury itself in a big hole. That being said I like our chances against Minnesota next week. We'll be underdogs, but I feel like our offense gets started early and our defense is able to hold AP & Co. enough to walk out with a win. I can already see the critics talking about Favre's problems now after they start off 0-2, it almost sounds scripted. But I hope we are not looking ahead, whether we win or lose, you and I both know that our home opener against our arch enemies is already on our minds... but Sparano needs to make sure his guys minds are on Minnesota. Hopefully before our big showdown against Gang Green i'll have another Wildcat Weekly for you to feast on.



MVP Week 2? Only time will tell.



Just Because:




Hope you enjoyed it boys and girls, I'm glad to be back and this is JUST the beginning.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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