Topics From the Game

It's not pleasing that we played down to our competition and kept the Bills in the game, but we still came out with the W. I just now saw the game so it's fresh in my memory. Here's some quick thoughts

Bills Running Game

Coming into the game it seemed  C.J. Spiller was the biggest threat to the Dolphins, but in reality he was our best friend. You see the Bills started the game trying to pound the ball with Spiller, but it wasn't effective. As soon as Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson entered the game their running game became a lot more potent. The reason why is because Spiller is not a #1 back. He's not very effective running between the tackles, he's more of a Reggie Bush type complimentary running back.


Ronnie Brown

Some people are saying they notice a little more fire and hunger in Ronnie Brown's eyes. Well that's what you call a contract year. Brown is playing on a 1 year tender right now, and he's looking for dollar signs. So get used to seeing a rejuvenated Brown this year, because he's playing for financial security right now.


Offensive Play Calling

I don't know what all this Henning talk is about, but it's really ridiculous. When a play works everyone loves it, but when it doesn't then all of a sudden some people think they can call better plays. Just because a play isn't executed by the players, doesn't mean it's automatically the OC's fault. I think this post by ct1361 puts things in perspective.


Brandon Marshall Overkill

Of course Marshall is the guy you want getting the majority of the touches, but there comes a time where others need to make plays. Guys like Brian Hartline especially need to be taking advantage of Marshall's presence. I can't speak about the plays where Hartline wasn't targeted, but I can speak on the plays when he was. His notable plays were a drop and a catch negated by penalty. Him and Bess are going to have to pick it up a little. Not to take anything away from the Bills though, they do have a nice secondary (when healthy).



Speaking of dropped passes a lot has been made of the "would be" pick 6's by Benny Sapp and Jason Allen. One thing people have to remember is that as a defensive back, the ball comes unexpectedly. When a receiver runs a route, they know when to expect/anticipate the ball. When a DB shadows a receiver it's a different story in terms of expecting the ball. So there is no need to question Allen's hands because he has some of the best hands in our secondary.

On a interesting note Sean Smith didn't play a single snap. What's even more interesting is that Nolan called up some 5 and 6 DB sets, and Smith still didn't get on the field. He must really be in the doghouse. Oh and another thing, it's cute how people are starting to have a change of heart on Allen after calling him a bust all of these years.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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