Animals Den Volume 7

the heart and soul of football is finally here and we have our very first real game of the season under our belts.  all i got to say about that is DAMN DONT IT FEEL GOOD!!!!


it sure helped to curb alot of this CLS stuff that has been running rampet around here.  yes i still see a few that are still very much under its grip. but all and all i think it is coming to an end.

of course no matter how good the team is there is always going to be the nay sayers and the ones who dont ever feel like it is good enough.  example yet again i see peeps clammering to get rid of the wildcat. umm why?? we ran it like  what three or four times and every time it gained us plus yards yet still  they want to get rid of it as a failure.  so what because we are not ripping off 10 to 20 yards  everytime from it,  it is a bust and we should get rid of it? well i guess if we follow that line of thinking then  we should get rid of every single play that  only gets us a yard or two.. lol i wonder what football would look  then.  (sorry we cant  play this sunday we dont have any plays left that we can run)

why all this double standard stuff. i dont hear a single person saying that we should drop the halfback draw play everytime they only get a yard or two out of it.  so lets see. wildcat 90% of the time it results in + yards. only one time myself can i remember that it ever ended in any - yards.  now halfback draw 75% of the time it makes +yards and 25% of the time it makes - yards. yet not a word.. strange aint it.

listen folks the wildcat works so lets keep it. if nothing else it gives other teams just that much more to prepare for when they are facing us.


some of the things i took away from tonights game was.

the FS spot that everyone thought was gonna be a big weakness for us seems not so much now. if that is what clemmons is going to bring to the table every game then is it not only not a weakness it is one of the teams new strengths.

wake is looking like the real deal out there.  as do misi and odrick if this is the foundation that they are working on we got something special out of this years draft.

J Allen done a pretty dang good job shutting down lee evans for most of the game.  if he can keep that up along with how well vonte is playing then i just got one thing to say : hey revis your not the only shut down CB in the game

Marshall and dansby are worth every penny we paid for them.

hartline my friend if you want to stay as our number 2 WR then you need to fix the dropies that you are having. look what it done for ginn.  

our oline is much better then some fans seem to give them credit for.  i dont know what game you was watching but henne  had plenty of time to throw that ball. three sacks vs three penilties. i will take those odds any day.


henne is going to be just fine. i see some of you guys bitching about him being a gun slinger yet only checking down all the time. do you guys open your eyes and really look at the game  instead of just this gut check reaction to everything. did it accour to yo uthat maybe he checked down because that was all the was left open to him?  everyone says the bills are a wussy team. well i dont think so.  i mean they do have the 2 nd ranked secondary in the nfl and yet thru out the game henne was able to move the ball up and down the field.  to me i would rather have a cp10 type qb then a farve type qb. if you look at all of sundays game  what is the one thing you will see beside most of the qbs that henne didnt have?  well let me inlighten you.  no turn overs.  yep that is right not one single fumble or int. not one.  how many times have we seen a gun slinger type qb loose a game because of a bad timed int? more times then i want on my team i can tell you that.  so if our qb is moving the ball down the field 80% of the time then i am one happy fan.  henne is not perfect by any strech but then again who is?  stop trying to put expectations on him that he will never reach.  last i saw not one single living being on this planet was so why in your mind does he have to be?


i myself feel really good about what our team has shown us so far.  today we done two things that we havent done in a very long time.

one we put up a win on opening day. when was the last time that happened?  and two we beat the bills in thier house.  crappy team or not the bills  have never been a push over for us.

there was also one more shock that i saw last night. that was during tony's post game press confrence.  you better sit down for this.  the man took OFF his sunglasses and really talked to the press.  that is right for the first time i was able to really look into that mans eyes. i got to tell ya for me when i can look a man straight in the eyes it tells me loads about that person.  we got us a real coach guys one who is al about football. he is winning me over for the only the second time in my football life as a fan of a person over my team.  the only other guy to do that was our own beloved dan marino.


now for all you guys still struck with this dreaded cls stuff. try to relaxe. the first game of the season is like preseason 2.0 we get to see what our team is really like and they are still getting the feel for one another. but from what i have seen we are heading in a very Right direction. trust me we are only going to get better.  b ar any injuries.


how can you not be happy about that and let that cls stuff fall to the wayside.


as my great grand pappy use to say:  give a man a fish and feed him for a day..but teach him to fish and feed him for the rest of his life.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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