Animals Den Voulme 4

so here we have it.. finally training camp starts.  and some of you my be asking : animal where the heck ya been we have  new things to talk about finally:  to that i say really?  well to me TC is like bad foreplay. ya things are going on but it stil aint the real thing.

so what do we really have new to talk about? well some guys are stepping up and some guys are not.. again this is not surprising. for me the only thing TC really does is let me know that the season is finally just around the corner.  these guys are not going full contact and are just in a learning phase.  then again it is better then nothing  and having to read thru  100 post about the same thing over and over.  so i wil take it.. just dont expect me to run to the bathroom with the lotion and a towel over it.

shoot even preseason is just a little better kinda like moving from foreplay to oral.. to me the meat and potatos of the nfl is the actual season. everything else is just something for us fans to chew on before the main course gets here.


i see that the jets post have started to creep back onto our site again.  i myself kinda got mixed feelings about it. on one hand they are and have been  one of our division rivals since god made eve. so of course we are gonna want to know what they are up to. but to focus totally on them when we have the pats and even the bills to contend with is like getting a ennama *sp with a fire hose.

i for one think we are taking the bills to lightly. after all remember not to far back it was us that everyone was overlooking and look what we did. so if we did it the bils sure could to.. think about this what would it be like if once the season is done the bills are top of the afc east and the rest of us are left scratching our head and wondering what the heck happened.


now i myself am a fan ot the dolphins team and NOT any single player. why? becuase players come and go but the team stays the same. but i have been reading and it amazes me how quickly fans are clammering for pat whites head.  have you guys not been seeing the same FO that i have?  they give players a chance to grow and learn. and not for just ONE year. i mean what the heck do most of you expect?  for one he has to learn the most demanding  postion on the team and he has had very little chance to grow. i mean come on guys.. a handfull of plays on  one game?  give the guy a break.. that is like asking a hooker to know all the postions of the kama sutra when the only thing she has had to train with takes batteries.  i myself am not a fan of his either way.  give him three years to learn like they do all rookie QB's and then if he stil sucks .. clammer for his head on a pike.  thank god the coaches are not as short sighted as most fans are.  i mean if that is how you want to have to FO run a team then i suggest you become a jets fan.


ahhh and the JT thing still rears its ugly head.  again for me it goes back to not being a fan of players over a team. but i do understand that for some they grow very fond of players and to see them go to your most hated rival well it is a large wound that wil take  a long time to heal. so for those of you who are bitching over it try to understand that not everyone  lets go of things as easily as you might.  my stand on it is this. i loved what he did while he was here but he is not here now so what he does is totally not my concern.  if he does well  on his new team good .. if not well then i guess there is always reality tv for him.


tony was asked today about if HBO'S hard knocks had asked to do a show on the phins and his answer was NO and NO.  thank you tony for being a stand up kinda guy.. it is things like that, that keeps you earning my respect.  even though as a fan i would love to see it only for the fact that it would give me a inside view of how things work there.  but  i will live with just wondering if it gets us a ring or two down the road.


thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.


as my great grand pappy usde to say: why is it everytime someone scratches their arse and they smell their finger afterwards? dont they think it is going to smell any different then the last time?

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