Play-by-Play Analysis Atl Game (

I love reading play-by-play analysis. Too bad there isn't more of it, but I understand it is a pain to do.

I found this on the website: This one is from Shawn-I

It is a look at the Fin's Offense run by Chad Henne during his snaps in the Atlanta game

I don't know if I agree with everything he says in his analysis, but it is good stuff to read.

For those of you who were actually at the game or have watched it in rewind. Let me know what you think!

Here's an excerpt:

7th Series:

1st - Ronnie draw loss of 1. Jerry didn't seal off and Berger didn't get to Lofton. 2nd level blocking has been a big contributer to the poor running game performance. Incognito pancakes his guy. Best OLmen performance of the night outside of Long was Incognito.

2nd - 35yds to Marshall down the left sideline. Beautiful throw.

1st - Incomplete to Fasano. Henne had good blocking, looked off Marshall then came back to Fasano. It could've been complete had he thrown it when Fasano made his break but he threw it late which gave the CB time to close and knock it away. Henne could've hit an open Martin just to the left of Fasano as well. Bad decision.

2nd - Sweep to Ronnie loss of 1. Again, second level blocking failed. Fasano did't hold his block and Incognito wasn't fast enough to get out in front of Lofton to cut him off.

3rd - Complete 20 yds to Marshall. Good blocking on 5 man rush. Decent throw.

1st - Spiked to stop the clock.

2nd - Tipped ball intercepted. I suppose he didn't see the LB between him and Fasano. Had decent enough blocking to make another read. Ronnie was one-on-one in the left flat. This kind of play is a back-breaker. Could've tied it going into the second half.

8th series:

1st down - Complete to Ricky for 13 yds. Decent blocking on 5 man rush.

1st - Ricky for 1 yd. Again, Fasano can't hold his block, he just got out-muscled. Jerry dominated his guy. Grove turned his guy inside which was wierd cause apparently the lane was supposed to be inside. He should've kicked him outside.

2nd - Ronnie for 2 yds. The line surged forward two yds but didn't have a hole to run through. Martin got out-muscled and pushed back into Ronnie. We need a better blocking TE. Martin is not good and Fasano, although good last year, is not doing well in this game. Later in the game when Pennington had the 3rd down in the red area on that roll-out, Fasano was the one that let the guy through that forced Penny to throw it away.

3rd - Incomplete to Hartline. Nice read/throw, it looked like a completion. Should've challenged that play. Solid 7-man blitz picked-up well. ATL blitzed a LOT tonight.

Our running game was inefficient mainly due to our 2nd level blocking being atrocious. Also, we need better blocking from our TE's. Our passing game makes me worry a bit. This will be Henne's 2nd season at the helm. It appears they're holding the reins on him. He had a pattern of looking at only 2 reads even when he had plenty of time (which was more than you may think). Because of that restriction, he's forcing throws when he could either look at a third/forth option or run with it.

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