OK-- So I am self diagnosed with CLS!

I may be at risk for a major flogging here, however,  I have to admit that I am feeling increasing anxiety and naseua for our coming season.  This entire off season, I have been more excited than I have ever been in recent memory for our beloved Fins. Now?...not so much.

Have I built my expectations too high?

Am I way overrating the preseason?

I am I just being a pussy?

All of the above?

This off season I have been in FIN heaven thinking that for the first time in my adult life, we are a legit super bowl contender. Call me what you want, but I admit I am now offcially nervous at our poor performance so far....Based on what I have seen, I am no longer certain we are a legit playoff contender.

I could list the things that got me so excited to begin with, however I believe they have been well covered here on this great site.  Therefore I will briefly list what it is causing my anxiety or better known here as CLS:

1. Sean Smith has looked awful. I mean really bad on several occassions. I expected a big step up, not 3 steps back (yes I see the step up from Vontae, small solice) but Sean has looked slowto react (or overreact), soft and easily beaten.

2. Where is our pass rush? I know I know, our new DC Nolan  is gonna bring all theses awesome exotic blitz packages once the season begins. i got that memo too. But Forgive me, if I just want to see one 3 play sequence of them now. Just one set to give our DTeam  a jolt of confidence that they'll be able to pressure the QB once the season begins for real.  I mean Nolan has hundreds of these looks right, can we spare a few for pre-season? 

3. Special teams. Wow...almost enough said. However, its not like it was just ONE blocked punt it was 2 blocks,and nearly a 3rd. Awful coverage on returns. Other than a few nice efforts from our promising rooke Caroll, why is this dude Bonega not on the unemployment line. THe Special teams have been overall AWFUL!

4. The drops. I really like, no I am infatuated with our starting WR's and our QB. I am hoping this is just a panic attack brought on by the other concerns. We all know there is no way that B-Marsh and  Hartline all of sudden caught a case of the dropcies right?    while I LOVED Henne's progess last season, how hard can it be to take a bit  off his fastball to make that 7 yard slant/sling more catchable? His it Henne or the WR's or is it just early? If it is early, when does early end?

 5. O line?? Isnt this the year we put it all together? The knock the snot out 'em--300 pounder or go home young bucks-- tough- mean &nasty,  O LINE??? ...I am Concerned both run and pass. We can cover lots of our current issues, but NOT this one of we ar to be successul.

6. Lack of sustainted ball control drives. Likely a result in many of the issues above.

7.  Safety position--all of sudden I am not so concerned.

Lastly- last month, If you told me the the highlight of the pre season would be a few nice plays by our back NT would Paul Solie (in fairness Starks move does look good) wouldnt we all be just a tad nervous?

Ok so bash away.  Please tell me I am wrong, We are holding back. we will jell. We will win the divdision and go deep. I am just being a nervous puss

Ps- I dropped B-marsh in my Fantasy ratings.

Above all--Please---go FINS!!





This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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